Me mum has gone mental!

My mother who is in her 60's has now decided to do something with her life, she is going out to India in a couple of months, to work in a orphanage. As it will be a great thing she does, she will also have to document this. What I would like advice for is for a small compact which is mega easy to use, and which memory card?. I am happy to take all images off the card when she comes back and collate them.

I started of with a Fuji finpix bridge camera, and that was able to supply my needs, I just think even with a bridge camera she would be overwhelmed.

I have a couple of good cameras (leica and Nikon) but the one I use the most is a Kodak Easyshare. The model I have is no longer made but they range from $100 to $300 in the US. I love mine and bought one for my son also. Go for at least 5x optical zoom, 10x is better. Digital zoom give shite quality. Most of the above will take 2 AA batteries if the special camera battery is not available. Send her off with extra batteries and an extra flash card.

By the way you must be proud of your mum for what she is doing. Tell her best of luck from across the pond
I would recommend an Olympus tough 8010, small,easy to use and almost unbreakable. Mine has survived diving,deserts and kids with no problems at all.


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Why not just get her a good android mobile phone , my HTC Wildfire can upload photos/videos onto the net/Facebook at the touch of the screen. its a hell of a lot easier than picture bridge or a card reader,

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