me flasks bust

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by aurelian, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. my issued black flask has bust and im gutted. its the little rubber thingey in the lid ,pluging the hole to the tea bag store . any one know where to get a replacement for it. cheers
  2. If its issue kit ask the Q bloke and get it excha....

    Oh blx, I can't be bothered, this is probably a wah or something.


    Never mind, I'm sure someone will alone to solve your problem shortly....

  3. I think they're the same Lifeventure ones you can get for about a tenner from Millets / Amazon etc.
  4. I feel your pain, Mucker.
  5. Cor Blimey! Go to stores, get it exchanged, do not pass go, do not collect any beer tokens! You muppet.
  6. Can we get back to cheese, I like cheese.
  7. Limburger for preference, or Stinking Bishop.
  8. Well if you go into a branch of Parkers then you can get one.

    They are actually the lower headgasket retaining seal sump plug washer for a 1958 Austin Morris ( Morris Oxford III and not the Minor) which is still in production in India (the Ambassador) so you should have no touble finding one.

    Of course you will need to shave down the scalloped edges a bit but a spare Bovie should sort that no problems.

    Finally you will need some way of making sure it stays attached but a small blob of Pink should be enough.

    or of course as it is issued then go get a new one from the stores bloke - your choice.
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  9. Might be easier going to India, stores were for storing

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  10. Never been enamoured with Stinking Bishop, it's OK but not one of my favourites. I have taken to liking a number of goats cheeses, especially a Norwegian one called Norfrisk
  11. Real soldiers get proper stuff, I recommend the diamond encrusted Stanley steel vacumn flask available at Harrods at £19.99.
  12. My flask is busted or me flasks bust what sounds correct?

    Pagan born
  13. ffs, stop taking the piss and help the bloke out.

    Here is a nice subdued black one from Tiffany:

  14. daz

    daz LE

    Flasks are on issue these days??? worlds gone bloody soft, what's wrong with a tin mug (enamel, white, drinking, for the use of) kids these days don't know their born,,,,,,,,,,mumble, mumble.....pisses kecks due to old age ....SLR, that's all you need......they don't like it up 'em.......mumble, mumble :desertsoldier:
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  15. I believe the scousers use the broken flask syndrome to get a sick line, it may or may not be true.