ME Electrian in RE Information needed

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by spark89, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. I want to join the RE as an electrian but i need info. (i know near to nothing about the army, army life, etc etc)
    e.g. Once i've finished training, will i ever USE my trade skills?

    i got a couple of leaflets from my local army office, and i noticed that in the RE pictures they were wearing combats, wheras in the REME booklet they were wearing overalls.
  2. Basically you will go and fight the enemy with electicity, that's why there wearing combats.
  3. nightrained get a grip

    spark its just a piccy dont worry just remember the chances of you fixing electrickery whilst the taliban are round the corner are virtually Zero
  4. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I think it'll be a fair point to say that the REME also wear combats as well, just when there fixing vehicles they'll wear overalls.
  5. Am I right in thinking, being a electrian in REME is more technical?
    I mean like TVS, radios, on the electronics side. Rather than construction
  6. I never knew REME had their own sparkys, but no, I doubt they'll deal with that side, just electricals within vehicles.
  7. ok thanks for your help
  8. Whatever you do don't listen to Night Rained his oxygen thief ticket must be on the way. Have a look at the links at the top of the page for bits and bobs to do with the corps and jobs.

    REME as far as i'm aware stopped the Vehicle Electrician (VE) Trade and move them to the Technician side of their corps.

    Our ME Electricians do.. correct me if i'm wrong... more on the side of construction electicery and power supply (overhead llines etc.)

    Look at the links at the top or google it.

    Good luck.
  9. RE Electricians do the whole lot from building the power station to fixing the plug on a kettle 'although the quals and job spec are not what they used to be'

    The REME just got rid of their vehicle elec trade and switched it to leccy tech but it has been a bit of a F up so when I got out last year there was talk of it coming back 'dont know the truth of it though'

    I spent nearly 20 years as a RE sparks working in Field Troops, Sp Sqns and specialist units 'Including 6 years on RAF Airfields working with civies (no green kit)'
    I will admit that this is less likely nowadays for most but you do get a chance of getting a degree in Electrical Engineering 'awaits Clerk of Jerks incoming'

    if you want any specific info just PM me but the job can be varied and I also know some blokes who did the training and never touch the trade again
  10. PM myself also if you want any info about the trade.
  11. Its true the regular Army has done away with the fine trade of Vehical Electrician in the REME but the TA has retained it, they have done this before so there is every chance that the trade will return in the future. More to with rank structure than lack of need for the trade, ask any workshop fitter section.
    As a TA REME VE I work on vehical electrics/ electronics but also do generators, field lighting and power distribution equipment.
    But for domestic/ industrial electrics you'd be better of with the fine men of the RE
  12. Same here, i have just left the Corps after being a sparks for 22 years.

    Knocker good to see your still with us.


  13. Since when?

    First I've heard of that one.
  14. a battery, right angled torch & an extension lead, eh :?: :wink: :?: :wink: