Me deployed in Afg, wife pregnant and moving house... Help

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Jelly156, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. I'm writing here to seek advice for our predicament. I'm TA and have been mobilised to Afghanistan until February. That's when our second child is due. We've had a change in circumstances and so need to move house by the end of October, this was unplanned! We are miles away from the unit I've deployed with. Is there anyone I could turn to who could help my wife make through this nightmare period?
  2. Me, for the price of a KFC bargain bucket ill see your lot right until you get home..
  3. Talk to your Padre in theatre - I'm sure the welfare folks or SSAFA could arrange some help. Your Afg unit may be miles away but there might be somebody more local they can make contact with.
  4. OldSnowy

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    your Unit - no matter where they are - will have a Welfare Officer for just such an occasion. This is not TELIC 1, when I know of one PSAO who had to meet a wife at a Motorway Service Station to give her money to feed the family! Things are relatively well organised now and even if you think you've got a difficult case, chances are they'll have seen the like before.
  5. It's at times like this that I turn to Jumpin-Jar-Head who in turn turns to God for me.

    Seriously though, Welfare Officer, Padre or SSAFA: 0845 1300 975

    Good luck
  6. oldbaldy

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    Can short cut that.
    PM me your location & I'll give you contact numbers of local rep.