Me and Britney

Shockingly I've just realised that there are many similarities between myself and Britney Spears:

#We've both got the same hairstyle.

#Both of us realised that our first marriage was a mistake within 24 hours of the wedding.

#We're both starting to get a bit podgy.

#We've both been known to vomit over ourselves in nightclubs.

#Finally and most conclusively, neither Britney nor myself wear knickers!

Now obviously, us having so many things in common must mean that we are related, so the question is, how do I go about getting myself put in her will before she does an Ann-Nicole?

Kill Fed-Ex.


War Hero
firstly! we have to see a picture of you getting out a taxi with your beast showing and preferably giving some finger action like you just mistakinly slipped it in,while singing opps i did it again.

second thing you need to do! is invite paris hilton to join the party and pop round mine.

if you give fenderline` or whatever the plank is called,a quick phone call and meet him for a quick session you can get genetically tied in:):)

also youv`e got to look like a dirty bi*ch` and take it up the ass and enjoy the creamy goodness, like that dirty little c*ck muncher.
Sorry to disappoint Billy, but I'm a bloke, I said we were related, not that I was her twin sister.

If you really like blokes dressing up as women though, try PM'ing Sarah_Jane. I'm sure 'she'll' oblige with the photo you asked for if you ask really nicely.
Mmmm, Sarah_Jane!! That bitch can suck a mean c0ck.


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narh il stick to the female kind cheers:):)

doing a britney and a twin britters in the time before she had kids ,is a nice thought its a shame she hasn`t got one:(

being abit wider now even britters is probably crap anyway:(:)


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qoute:Mmmm, Sarah_Jane!! That bitch can suck a mean c0ck.

il tap `her`:) on the head and let her know your up next:)
Not to worry mate. I already tapped her head. Back of her throat to be exact. I have the teeth marks to prove it. Ouch!


War Hero

sorry i was in the bathroom going through the usual routine with brittney my misses dog.
iv`e found` if i hold her head under the bath water for afew seconds it makes her more submissive and i don`t tend to get the `terrified`look while im feeding the bi*ch my meat.

i was getting tired of chasing her to every corner of the house ,and while looking terrified she would lunge for my throat.

the way she acts,you`d have thought i was mistreating her,i mean isn`t it a waste `not put it all in!!,its only a bl**dy 10inches for gods sake.

the animal protection league are great!! when i say the dog went for me i get a new one.
as yet they hav`nt twigged being the 8th dog in 3 months:):)

mans best friend my ass:):)
The flash-to-bang was quite long on that one, over a day and a half!!!

Does it take you that long to type with balls slapping against your chin, or have you been away??