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  1. Some of you may remember me from around January time, I am a re enlister for the Army as had a few problems with civilian life through basic. Last day of service was jan 17 2013 ( yes it's soon to be re joining, no smart comments ) made a mistake. Anyway I was told by NRC staff that I can't attend ATC Pirbright until after jan 17 2014. I asked my support manager at the NRC who is a Lance Cpl if I can appeal this decision made by the OCT of 1ATR. He said I can't unless it was a medical reason. So yes my question has already been answered. How ever I wanted a second opinion because when I rang up the local careers office they said it is possible to appeal but I need to speak to the NRC. But I was told different by the NRC. I will be having a formal interview wth my local careers office in the next couple weeks. I will mention it once more but does anybody know anything relating to the matter?


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  2. Doubt you'll get a sensible answer for a while mate, we're all bored and Britains Got Talent is on. Someone will be along presently I expect who isn't drunk or on the Tamazepam*

    *other drugs are available [apparently!]
  3. That's how it works.
  4. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    If you left through DAOR then your discharge paperwork will have a recommendation of when you should be able to re-apply (ie 12 months). This will have been sent to the CRR HQ of the area you joined but can take a long time to come through (12 weeks +).

    In addition, under the new rulings you can only apply once in a 12 month period. This period starts from where your last application ended, be that withdrawn, rejected or enlisted. As you have previously served authority would also have to be gained from Glasgow for you to rejoin. If you look at it from their side, you were given your chance, binned it for whatever reason and now, less than three months later you are back wanting another go. Why should they give it to you when it will mean that someone else won't get the opportunity that you ave already had.

    I know it isn't what you want to hear but 12 months is the norm before people are allowed to re-apply.
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  5. The wait may be to see if you are committed to actually stick with it. If you wait and keep your nose clean it will make you a safer bet to employ. (Calculated against the risk of you, for whatever reason, not completing training.)

    There are some cracking potential recruits with long waits to train - It's a buyers market at the moment.

    You could use the wait to improve yourself physically and mentally to ensure you are the best you can be* or you can jump straight back in IF they accept your appeal.

    *Jan 13 and you're ready to rejoin after sorting family problems? What happens if yo her up again?
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  6. He could stand in the careers office and hold his breath until the recruiter gives in! :)
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  7. Or he could keep asking the same question on an anonymous Internet chat forum with very loose ties to his potential employer in the hope that he gets the answer he wants to see.
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  8. How about if he keeps asking the same question again and again, whilst holding his breath and stamping his feet?
  9. That ought to do it.
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