Me 262 flies again

Very nice. I remember reading about the project a while back and didnt think it would get off the ground (s'cuse pun). I notice they havent got bang seats fitted (in keeping with the original) 8O

$2,000,000 for the airframe without engines or avionics. Anyone want to go halves? I want one.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Without wishing to sound sarcastic, I believe PTP garnished us with the link on his post :wink:

okay I'm a mong.

very nice, Could run that along with the gloster metors that martin baker still use.
I have a subscription to The Aeroplane, showed one of last years copies to my German Friend, he was 16 in 1945, the first flght of the new 262. He was over the moon.
I now have to loan all copies so he can update on latest wartime developements.
He's a Dr of Agronomy by profession.
Isn't it this months Aeroplane with the nice piece on the MB Meteors?
Saw that Gloucester Meteor flying at Temora NSW a few months ago, wonderful to see that old bird enjoying the good weather and empty skies, occasionally get some Korean war veteran pilots come and give talks there too!
The good old days of flying, makes it look too easy these days, but that ME 262 stalling at 100 kts, got to be an interesting plane to fly on short finals .....rather him than me....
Airborne walts at least those yanks with .50 cals have something to shoot at now .The rebuilding of nazi hardware allways leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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