Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Cpt_Darling, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. From speaking to mates already in, Im thinking about the MDP as a viable career. Anyone on here have any experience on it, the training, postings?

    Has the force been massivly effected by budget cuts, similar to the Armed Forces?

    Also, how would me being a reservist affect joining?
  2. Good luck if trying, but if they are anything like home office forces, no-one is recruiting for a minimum of 2 years and most like mine for probably 5 years!!!!
    In the main MDP are glorified gate guards, but if they are recruiting get in their quick as you can now adays transfer to a HO force... good luck..
  3. It was affected prior to this, the guard force review. MDP, MGS and MPGS. Have a looksy on DII next time you can. Don't think being a Reservist matters as I am pretty sure you can join straight from CivDiv. On the plus side you can still Herrick as advisers to the ANP so that's your posting sorted.
  4. IIRC only MDP & MGS can recruit straight from civdiv (unless corrected) and they are 'both' directed by MDPGA,

    MPGS is a Military Tri-Service Army Unit...
  5. Cpt D, being a reservist wouldn't affect your joining, the MDP are quite good with time off for camp and the like.

    However the force has seen the effect of the cuts (although on a smaller scale than Home Office forces). And with the sell of of MoD land there is less and less for them to do. The MDP also have a role policing critical national infrastructure (gas terminals and the like) that is also under threat.

    It depends what you want from a policing career, with the MDP it is likely you will spend the first two years at AWE in an armed security guard role. After that the world can be your lobster, the MDP has quite a few specialist national functions that they lend out to Home Office forces and quite a large CID and Fraud Squad. And the MDP is the national lead on sending civilian police overseas. But there are down sides to the MDP, like most jobs.
  6. Didn't the Mod Plod play a substantial role in the picking through of the MPs fetid expenses?

    They have a large marine section and a lot of dog teams too.

    IIRC they have a very unique mob that are trained in scaling heights (fences etc) and cutting tree hugging hippies free of what ever they've used to chain themselves to nuclear warheads and such.
  7. its possible they do have a large fraud section, and yes several specialist units, I forget the name of the one you mention but an article on them was done a few years back, they also have the SEG who do the nuke transports alongside Royal Marines
  8. The team you mention are the Operational Support Unit (OSU). During the recent student protests there were about a dozen OSU carriers outside Main Building and plenty of officers ready to assist the Met. I believe they now have the national lead in protester removal.
  9. speaking to a mod plod the other day,the numbers looking at being chopped are quite high.
  10. Standing by to be corrected, but I thought Nuke escort duties was done by CNC?
  11. MDP do Defence Nuclear Material (such as wpns), the CNC do waste products from power stations.
  12. CNC as the name suggests do civil nuclear escort stuff such as reactor fuel, waste.etc. The nuclear weapons transport is covered by MDP, the Special Escort Group in particular. With nukes they also work with Fleet Protection Group RM.
  13. I thought the RAF retained responsibility for protection of nuclear weapons being transported by land.
  14. The RAF used to do it, but responsibility was passed along to the MDP around 2002, FPGRM provide a stand off military escort to help counter any threat that might arise.