MDNs public support thread

I for one will give him my support, apart from being a fellow AAC comrade, his replies to threads make me laugh my t*ts off...... anyone else care to sign up?   ;D


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Me - i keep getting emails from Hr as i have been laughing aloud so much - keep up the good work that man....


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Sounds like a male against female thingy.......

I will sign up as he makes me laugh too even though he's a tw1t sometimes! Got nothing against the feller.. ;) ::)


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Probably with one big p1ssed up hangover........OR having fun with a blow up doll! One or the two... ;)
Can you make your mind up Leeanne?  

And it's not a lads V lasses thing.  Leeanne, you have come up with some excellent come backs and comments that have made me laugh.


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Make my mind up.......Hmmmmmmm! Hard one that is, only:

One minute I think he's a fully pledged sh1t machined wan1er, and another I think he's a luvverly guy....Sorry can't make me mind up! I'm up for a jump here so not saying anything else bad....hehe ;)

He know's I'm only winding him up Gunny..... ::) ;)
Thankyou all for your support in my time of need, remind me not to turn on any of you ;D

MDN has my support, but only because I've had a valuable insight into the man behind the banter.

However, QOTS has my support also, mainly because she's still refraining from bringing up the darker elements of "Der Grosse Krapfen's" sordid exploits...

But I fear, she'll only be pushed so far before she spills the goods, or invites certain other female parties to join the board  ;D


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Hey....I'm on everybody's side 'ere! :(

Don't make me make enemies....I'll stick up for everyone, but if they give me sh1t, I'll give it back! ;)

By the way Ptp.....I'm already in the know about these secrets but will leave it to QOTS to do the introduction if need be.....She will only take so much! ;D ;)
she can only take so much

Not what Ive heard, I heard she can take anything, anytime, anywhere, thats why her nickname is martini

She s got no dirt, I have a blemishless past with nothing to fear
Being a fellow AAC bod, I would like to offer MDN my support.

Unfortunateley I can't because he drives a Kubelwagen, comes from "up north", has swapped spit with Ruth Rendall, used to be in a HQ squadron and

Lol @ ORG

Don't make me turn on an allie


Ginger hair
Rust bucket pilot

Wasn't HQ not guilty, only on Granby but was shipped in due to 4 Regt being to ugly & needed the Lovegods presence
Can I make a small contribution here?! Despite everything MDNs said about ginges (and hasn't he been CRUEL people?!! I have cried myself to sleep every night this week............) I have developed a peverse fondness for him.........

however, I will still turn him into a syphilitic frog if he continues to abuse me (although, reading Leanne's and QOTS's contributions, do you think he'd even notice?!!!!)

More power to your elbow, my sweet!  ::)
Prodigal, your bound to fancy me, your only human 8)

However, no pointy hats and I must insist on that swimming hat ;D ;D