MDNs New Restauarant...

See that 'they' have opened an eatery in Taiwan that features his own special brand of humour and decor..

Named the Toilet Bowl.. the place features tables where people sit on potties and the benches lining the walls are urinals.. the food is served in miniature toilets and guests are encouraged to ' play with their food' specialities ' de la maison ' is brown rice, and a chocolate ice cream desert that patrons are encouraged to stir and mold into something appropriate for the receptacle...

for some daft reason the public is taken with the facility and the place is doing gangbuster business.

I read about it on

news service under their headline banner, don't know how long they'll keep that story up for view..

just in case no one believes me or MDN wants to book the party room...


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Kit Reviewer
Continue while you're on a roll...

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