MDNs filling.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by reassuringly_badgers, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Jam

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  2. Custard

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  3. Sh*t

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  4. Ring doughnut

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  5. 27-Chromasome DNA mush

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  1. So, if MDN was actually a Doughnut (which by all indications appears to be true), what filling would he be?

    I personally think he's a ring-Doughnut. The resemblance to his favourite body-organ is striking.


    (Edit to add: normal people have 26 Chromasomes, having 27 leads to a protuding tongue, flying glob and cries of "Mlarrrrrrr")
  2. Strawberry jam?
  3. custerd filled nuf said
  4. Indeed, if that turns you on Gunny. :lol:
  5. By the way people referto MDN as being a bit of a "TUBBY" I would hazard a guess that his diet may not be too good.

    Therefore, the likelihood of some form of rectal obstruction is quite high, which would lead me to presume that MDN could in fact, be full of SH1T.

    Or a meringue (Or am I wrang) sorry folks, old scottish pun.
  6. Lord Flashheart flavored man fat is my guess
  7. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Actually normal people have 23 pairs of chromosomes - having 27 would probably make you a dandelion or something! :wink:
  8. I imagine MDN would prefer to be full of cait's 18" black strapon. :wink: :mrgreen:
  9. Is this 'Have A Dig At MDN Day'?
  10. Don't push me, GCSE biology is a thing of the very distant past :roll:

    But good call all the same...
  11. Not at all Gunny. It's Identification of MDN's innards day.
  12. Mischief.

    Beebs :D
  13. I've been really shockingly geeky and found out that we actually have 24. Chromosomes have to paired so an odd number makes for protruding eyeballs.

    \/\/ Edit: I knew all along, I was just testing! Ahem. :roll:
  14. edited to keep it on topic...

    could it be 'slugs and snails and puppydog tails?'

    ummm, sorry to be pedantic but it is 23 pairs...

    Definition of Human chromosome count:
    Human chromosome count: The usual number of chromosomes in humans, 46 chromosomes (23 pairs). Also called the human chromosome complement.

    History: For half a century, the human chromosome count was widely believed to be 48. That changed on Dec. 22, 1955. On that day at the Institute of Genetics of the University of Lund in Sweden, a visiting scientist named Joe Hin Tjio (pronounced CHEE-oh) used what was then a new technique to study the chromosomes of cells on a glass microscope slide. The technique employed the drug colchicine and a dilute salt solution. Colchicine froze the cells at a point during division when the chromosomes had separated into clearly visible bodies. The dilute salt solution (hypotonic saline) spread the chromosomes so they could be seen separately from one another.
    Tjio succeeded in obtaining a clear picture of the human chromosome complement on a photomicrograph (a photograph taken through a microscope) of a human embryonic lung cell. Much to his amazement, Tjio discovered that the cell had 46 chromosomes. "The number was just an incidental finding, like serendipity," he recounted. "I was just surprised that it was not 48, as they had thought for so many years."
  15. Good stuff, colchicine. Zaps your gout if you've had too much ale recently and are going "ouch, ouch, ouch".

    Off-topic, or what?