MDN's an interior designer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woopert, Sep 18, 2004.

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  1. I got this PM off MDN this morning:

    I normally wouldn't quite so disturbed, but anyone that has too much lace in their house MUST be a wrong-un!

    What say you MDN?
  2. What the F***!
  3. So they have changed the name to "interior designing" now, have they?

    Well, that's a new name for it!!
  4. I KNEW IT!
    all that male machodickswingingsextalkingtitlickingskirtliftingballdropping cr*p was just a cover up!
    He's really a shirtliftingbumlickingbluerinsewearingbiggirlsblouse but my god doesn't he have fantastic dress sense sweetie?


    ....and Aunty you look lovely too! :wink:
  5. Now I'm a little concerned that you keep pictures like that on your computer, BBC! 8O
  6. Oh God EVERYONE has that picture of the reunion dinner that MDN and Aunty orginised for all their old mates from way back when.......
    it's on their site,
  7. Thats OK then. Now I can stop being as concerned as I was!
  8. Mum? 8O
  9. Does this mean that BBC and STM are related? :?
  10. Wash your mouth out! Me, BBC, related? I would have topped myself long before if that was the case. :D

    Not that she isn't a might fine lass or nothing.....
  11. Just a question, as you asked "mum?" and BBC mentioned "Aunt"!

    Thought your mum maybe her aunt!! :lol: :wink:
  12. 8O
  13. Surely that would be incest?
  14. I've been looking at that photo for quite some time and eventually just dumped my muck. Does that make me:

    1. A modern man.
    2. A Royal Marine.
    3. A honcho.
    4. A member of the RLC
    5. Eligable for arrest considering I'm sat in a shared office?

  15. All of the above :D