MDN sighted

Thanks for that. I was eating.
Just when you think you've seen it all, someone like that pops up.

gawd help us.
Why guitars?? The munitions i can understand if he's trying to look 'ard and warry....but GUITARS??
Who was the bastard who unmaksed him?

He's going to get a bad back using that chair for working on his computer for a prolonged period. It should at least be height & back rest adjustable
Dear god. That's just so wrong on so many levels. Diet starts today, I feel really really sick :puker:
March_Hare said:
Can't be MDN. The bloke in the picture is clearly a sloppo. P-isstanks like his have a 22 year gestation and can only be accrued by years of snaffling deathpack remnants then rubbing in Deepio to make the hair darker. Ask your local Q-Cumber.
whos this 'MDN' that everyone keeps goind on about?

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