MDN Outed??

A British ' businessman ' faces a jail term after spending 250,000 pounds, much of it stolen from his employer, to hire a call girl to be his cleaning lady. No sex was involved, but she was naked except for a pair of rubber gloves [ no report of where she wore them ] and , Michael Lee, a former magistrate, would ' watch ' her clean. A neighbour told the Times of London " If that guy spent money on a hooker to clean the house, he should ask for the money back. His place was asbsolutely filthy. "
I'm figuring, that since the place wasn't all that well cleaned, as the report suggests, that ' the maid' must have been quite ' inventive' with the feather duster.
I'm not sure how this "Outs" MDN?
we all know he's a sicko pervert (i know ive shagged him)
so whats new

oh i get you it was a female pro?

yeah that is odd for him.

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