MDN is on a recce

Oh, bludgy super-doo-dah 8)

About time he had a break ... and sorted out his grot ... and paid the staff ... :wink:

OMG ... MDN dribbling on here with a hangover?
Or trying to get Spanish builders to understand why he needs a box of hamsters instead of a new ceiling?
Spanish_Dave said:
heidtheba said:
Good, I hope they come home unhurt though :D
Some of the stories from Spain are worrying :lol: 1.5 hours to cover a 3 minute walk resulting in wounded soldiers falling into excavated pools after climbing sheer 6 foot sheer metal fences to take a short cut :lol:
The Bar at La Torre may have a lot to answer for :lol:

And probably will again. 8)
OK then? 8O If MDNs in Spain, then who the feck is sat outside my house? :?

SK :scratch:

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