MDN at the baths

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheLordFlasheart, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Got sent this by someone who went swimming with MDN last weekend.
    MDN in his Speedos

    Apparently, he's trying for the Olympics. Your guess is as good as mine to what he will be competing in.
  2. I bet you he can't remember the time he only weighed that much.

    At least the bloke in the video could just about see his feet :D
  3. Graceful fcuk, isn't he? :lol:
  4. That wasn't MDN that was me no fecking Brit is that graceful :D
  5. Ctauch, from what corpse tells me, the only thing you would be 'diving' for would be one of your relatives maggot infested, gangrene filled, puss ridden, between the leg, axe wounds those in the medical trade call a vagina. To you though, its a special treat. Birthdays are cheap in your trailer. Mommy/sister/cousin/wife gets a present and a card. Shame its the same person.

    I'll bet you know line dancin' and have a mullet. Is Billy Ray Cyrus on your bedroom wall in the vision of a 52 week payment, special collectors edition mirror??

    Banjo playing hick....... :wink:
  6. I am surprised he only bounced twice, fat cnut :lol:
  7. Your just jealous, at least I get it on with the opposite sex. :D
  8. Flash may have called it her but in reality we know it to be very dubiously female.......the only thing identifying it as such would be the axe wound between its legs
  9. Opposite sex maybe, but which species?
  10. I find it much better to shag sheep then to nosh goats. :D
  11. Your a bit fussy for a redneck :roll:
  12. Nope just higher standards then your typical ACC spatula pilot...Flash is ACC right ? :wink: