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  1. captain.j

    captain.j Swinger

    [align=center]YOU DECIDE[/align]
  2. Poll doesnt support the question!
  3. cherryhamblin

    cherryhamblin Old-Salt

    What exactly are you asking is it wether the mdhu should be shut and service hospitals reopened or wether the armed services should turn away from a single tri sevice medical branch.
  4. andromeda

    andromeda Clanker

    I think this one has been done to death now. There are lots of other threads on this vein out there.....

    Capt j - please find something origional.
  5. the_wee_man

    the_wee_man Old-Salt

    sorry mate couldnt resist it, :?
    Hope you are well

    Wee Man.

  6. oops! lost the lead on that one
  7. gooseman

    gooseman Old-Salt

    I'm with ya wee man, know exactly where you coming from.

    I'm all for single service hospitals if there was a choice between the 2.
  8. the_wee_man

    the_wee_man Old-Salt

    This could turn into a cat fight but that would suit you,
    :crazy: BP can you see what I did there?

    Wee man.
  9. oi wee-man - best you zip it,

    or you may end up black and blue.

    You know youll get a whippin' 8O

    THE_EDITOR War Hero

    I dont think this debate should go away we need a coherent cradle to grave midical service for serving and retired military personnel and their families. Trying to get service in the NHS for serving personnel is bad enough, if someone is mediaclly discharged trying to get the follow up is even worse. Operations are producing more casualties who will become veterans with long term problems. Families suffer just as much and much of this can be put down to the pressures of service life. The US have a cradle to Grave process - the Army is getting so bad that on Army Net they are advertising BUPA membership.....the situation is dire......Serving, vetrans and families = mass large enough to justify a specialist military hospital.

    pro tantum quid

  11. dont you just wish that people would have a scan through the forum first before starting new threrads!

    Perhaps a trip to the ARRSE Hole or even a total deletion for this baby, bit of a waste of bandwidth. Hey Venty, you decide mucker.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I thought it was the ramblings of some deranged fool, then I noticed Cherry was onboard- and this was infact confirmed!
  13. the_wee_man

    the_wee_man Old-Salt

    Sorry BP old chap, didnt intend to rip the ARRSE out of it, or are you trying to stitch me up?

    Wee man.
  14. janner75

    janner75 Swinger

    Spot on. Problem is a political decision would be needed so that's screwed it for starters. It was not uncommon to take civvy overflows into Military Hospitals years ago due to underuse. A bit of foresight and/or lateral thinking could have made sure the hospitals were used for retired service people and their families. This would have helped out the NHS as well. Once again politicians are to blame. NHS hospitals are run by so-called 'professional managers' who wouldn't recognise a patient if one twatted him between the eyes. These plonkers are only interested in money - mostly their own inflated salaries and bonuses - and nurses should definitely be down on bended knee for getting as much as 1.9% this year as far as they are concerned.
  15. My bold
    During my time at the CMH it never was a case of us taking the civvy overflows it was us taking everything first as it was always prefered by the patients/casualties.