MDHU Northallerton

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by jon1467, May 31, 2007.

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  1. I have an opportunity to work there starting in '08 and wondered what the arrse opinion is on the place in all respects before I go take a look.

    Cheers in advance
  2. Depends are you single or married?
  3. Are you actually at Northallerton or at James Cook (Middlesbrough)?
  4. Single and I believe it is the actual MDHU in Friarage Hospital, although I was unaware that MDHU Northallerton could mean James Cook (Middlesbrough). Could you shed some light on which one it may be?

  5. If it is james cook, good hospital, especially if you would be in A&E, receiving hospital for at least 3 air ambulances and a fantastic Lt Col consultant there. From what Mrs mabb says (civvy nurse there), plenty of military staff there. Not worked there myself, but due to do clinical placements in A&E there next month.
    As far as the area goes, some nice area's out of town, but generally a chav factory in the town.
  6. I can't speak for Northallerton-but been based at JCUH for quite a while, it is a brilliant hospital and some excellent staff. Yep, a lot of military but the Docs tend not to wear uniform, so there are more military staff than you first realise. Other than the docs, I've met a handful of lab techs and a couple of nurses, so guessing Northallerton is more likely postin than JCUH.
    Boro itself is crap (I can't wait to leave it!) but you're near the sea (good surfing at Saltburn) and N Yorks Moors. Newcastle is about 1hr away, Durham 40min. Def a chav factory, but atleast it makes for an interesting A&E :eek:)
  7. Was trying to be diplomatic, but "crap" is still probably being diplomatic. i only go up at weekends to see the Mrs, and be happy when she joins up and gets away next year.
    You aren't in A&E by any chance are you? Just wondering if i'll be working with you when i do placement there.
  8. You will almost definately be posted to the friarage, northallerton. Its not the most exiting place to be but it depends on whether you prefer the green side of the army or the clinical environment. Its like being a civvy, its a small hospital and you will spend much of your time bed bathing old grannies and wiping some hard core bottom. Its important to do an occasional clinical posting to remain current but personally its served its purpose for me and i would like to waer my combat 95's again because they're getting eaten by moths.
  9. The Friarage serves it's purpose as a posting. Keeps us 'clinically' up to date and all that jazz!

    There's are more and more of us being moved up to JCHU as time goes on. There are now no military nurses in the a&E here, but some of the wards are 90% military staffed. It's a quiet location and a ball ache to travel too at 6am, but we get paid to do it so mustn't grumble!
  10. Let's have a guess shall we?

    Is the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, or is it in Middlesborough?

    Jesus, I hope you never get to take my temperature, you might fuck the directions up.......
  11. MDHU Northallerton is the name of the posting as that's where the HQ is, so he was actually right.

  12. Sarcasm is often wasted...............
  13. Maybe you should learn the art of sarcasm first...

  14. Unlike you of course....
  15. It's the lowest form of wit. I don't claim to be witty either, and nor do I wipe old granny's arrses.