Mdhu northallerton - married quarters?


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Can anyone tell me what the usual accom arrangements are for MDHU married quarters?

I'm assuming it's in Catterick but....


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you dont assume correctly at all, most of MDHU(N) are quartered at Leeming, the officers and Sgts Messes are in Catterick.


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There are quarters availble in Leeming but the majority of staff at MDHU N are still quartered in Catterick.
Any comments on which to go for at OF3 level, assuming (there we go again) there is any choice.
Im in catterick and unless there is a specific reason that MDHU pers need to be in Catterick then they go to Leeming.
Actually the staff of MDHU (N) are actually dotted around all over the bloody place, there are no main areas to be quartered. Its about quarter availability, NOT what unit your posted too. Considering most of MDHU(N)s clinical staff have moved location, Catterick is the last place i'd consider being quartered.

We do have OF3 ranks on the patch in Darlo

There are a quite a few qtrs in Leeming they are older type MQ's, not been updated in a while, plus leeming is out in the middle of bloody nowhere so driving is a must. Northallerton, not many MQ's at all, I think less than 10 so they're as rare as Hens teeth, well located for the town though.

There are staff quartered all over Catterick and also Darlington.

At the time I moved here there was a shortage of Qtrs in the Catterick area so I asked to be allocated in Darlington. There are 2-3 new estates here with Hirings on each.

The hirings are not managed by Modern Housing and getting repairs is very easy and normally with 48hrs.

I'm in a nice new 4 Bed house on a new estate, very quiet and schools for the kids are quite good. The estate is full of military staff from all different units from catterick and also newcastle, we even have guys from Leeming living on the patch here. Also were not far from J58 of the A1

I find darlo to be well located, your between Middlesbrough (19 Miles away), Catterick & nothallerton are both 17 Miles so depending on what site your working at depends on where is the best location to live.

I've been here a while now and commute to all 3 sites during the working week, the guys in catterick/leeming have about a 45-50 minute commute to Boro, mine is about 20 minutes to boro and 20 minutes to catterick. It makes all the difference when your on a 12hr shift.

Snr Ranks & Offrs mess are in Catterick and both are shared with a non medical unit. Jnr ranks are in catterick but things are happening with their accm atm.

Filbert, have you got any Bank Work going at your place, I'm local ;)

PM me if you wants any details

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