Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by 1shot1kill, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. Getting better with the formation of Training Wings within the MDHU's however, We will see how much the NHS complains about the militray days. Complete the poll troops?
  2. Sorry MILITARY!
  3. If youre lucky enough to get away for the ITD trg then brill, however, staff shortages by the NHS usually put the dampeners on numbers attending. (apparently and allegedly!!)
  4. SNCOs need to band together to advise the officers in our midst that we are in the "army" NOT the NHS and we have a thing called QR's that dictate our training. The can stick the MDHU contract up their Ar*e. :evil:
  5. I think you are wrong to link QRs to the requirement to conduct military training. A better linkage is an individual's readiness. If an individual is in VHR or HR then clearly their background level of military training needs to be deeper and more regularly practised than an individual who is at say >R5.

    Because the military is skint it's all about making the best use of the limited resources, including training resources, that are available. Therefore if you are R0 - R3 you should be conducting regular (?weekly) military training and that means more than just ITD(A)s.

    My understanding is that MDHU training wings merely deliver ITD(A)s. How are the team and sub-unit skills addressed? MDHU training wings - half a step in the right direction, but fails to deliver what actually is required by the Field Army.
  6. I said "dictate training" meaning it is clear and concise (yeh right) that in QR's it states in all them fancy words that basically it is an offence NOT to complete ITD(A)s. I certainly know of an MDHU that doesn't just provide ITD training, it provides field skills for all MDHU staff. And which world do you live in for R3 to train Weekly, did you not see the title "MDHU" on the thread.
  7. Remember that the NHS are paid large sums of dosh to allow Mil pers to complete mandatory and deployments. It's fcuk all to do with us if they spend it on new shi*te. Civies kill them all, how can you run an MDHU with all them peace loving student fcuking ban the bomb ass wipe cronies that seem to pop up everytime you want to speak to someone in a MDHU. Ask for someone military and they treat you like scum. I think i'll go back to contract killing and start with NHS Cronies :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. and your not angry at all, about being posted to an MDHU are you? 8O
  9. 1shot

    You miss my point - if an individual is at R3 he/she should train weekly regardless of whether said individual is employed within a MDHU, NHS hospital or field unit.

    The sooner DMETA starts punching its weight and insists that secondary care personnel are given appropriate military training the better. That said there are those within secondary care who couldn't give two hoots for military training and probably regard the pitiful amount they do now as more than enough.
  10. now that i do agree with
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It's been posted before, personel at the MDHU's should be posted to the nearest Fd Hosp and detatched to the MDHU. Therefore being part of a soldier's 'train set' not some civilain's.
  12. Qman, well said! As a MDHU person who has suffered at the hands of the NHS cretins, reality is driven by something else. This is the desire from the hierarchy of the MDHU to make it work at all costs and this includes lack of military training etc.

    Many a time I was dragged of training to cover staff shortages (civilian I might add!) and as such my ITDs lapsed for a year. However units seem to overlook this when deployments come around and send us out there regardless. I am all for posting to Field Hospitals and then work at MDHUs, in all my years I have never been posted to a field unit, that way I may do some adventure training at ladt! :roll:

    Seriously, at Field units a military ethos will be evident. Something which is seriously lacking at MDHUs. Unless you are in a Mess!
  13. Training now within the MDHU's as far as i'm aware has the full backing of the top brass. So far the problems that I have heard about are not essentially from the NHS but that of the RAMC doctors thinking they are above all training and that their private clinics will be interupted!!! :evil:
  14. [/quote]Seriously, at Field units a military ethos will be evident. Something which is seriously lacking at MDHUs. Unless you are in a Mess![/quote]

    if they turn up!!
  15. One rule for one, one rule for another! as per! :evil: