Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ratty22, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello ARRSERS All.

    Collective wisdom required, urine-takers 'kin move on, if you wouldn't mind awfully.

    It's a bugger. Young Rat was recently MD'd from The Factory with no second term in Lucknow, and is adamant on a return as soon as humanly possible. Can't see it myself but I remember SLRs and short puttees, so what would I know. I know that all injuries are different, but if any-one who's been through the experience and knows the form could contribute their own personal two-penn'orth we'd be grateful.

    Old Rat.
  2. When he discharges they'll let him know if he can have a retry. After that it is all down to him.
  3. I heard in the ether somewhere that some Lucknower's have been able to transfer to the Navy. Shitty deal, but he's after uniformed service, then it could be bonus.
  4. Is there no holding troop for injured officer cadets then at Sandhurst? It seems rather stupid not to have somewhere for injured cadets to recuperate before continuing with training?
  5. There is, its called Lucknow Platoon I believe.
  6. Ah right, that clears things up. Thought it was a bit stupid that there wouldn't be one :D

    However, is Lucknow platoon merely for those whose injuries prevent them from training? What if you have the flu or something that would potentially stop you from training but not for any period of time?

    Sorry for the weird questions, I'm just intrigued now :)
  7. You get banged up in the MRS until you are recovered.
  8. Sorry to sound like a stupid civvie, but what exactly is 'MRS'??
  9. It stands for Medical Research Center, and it's based at Porton Down.
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  10. Thought it meant medical reception center - well that was what they were in all the barracks/garrisons i went to...
  11. *Wah Shield up* The one I worked in as an RMA was too :wink:
  12. Why isn't it called an MRC then?
  13. Because it actually stands for Medical Reception Station (MRS). It would have a mini ward for short stay illness etc... if it didn't it was merely a Medical Centre, (MedCen). Well that's what it was when I started as a RMA, then when i became a CMT, and still is now I am a QA RNGD. ;)
  14. I know a guy who got MD for shin splints (or stress fractures as they now prefer to call them). He was MD and told that he could rejoin when he healed as it would take about 18-24 months and would be cheaper for the Army to discharge and re-accept. This he duly did and is now still serving. Anything more serious then they will let you know when you attend the Med Board.

    Hope this helps.