MDd Advice needed..

So basically; ages ago when i was a fat child i had asthma; i grew out of it but my Mother kept getting pumps out as precautionary measure; the last time she got one was 2 years ago. I recieved my letter back from the Medical and they said i could "appeal" or just wait until 2010. I don't really want to wait... Would Appealing be a waste of my time or does it work?

Also a second query my friend who i have been training with; he was deferred for 4 months because of back pain, he says he still has back pain but doesn't want to let the doctor know just encause a 4 month deferrel turns into a permenant one...

Thanks for any Advice given.
Not sure about your situation but if your mate still has an injury and doesn't tell the M O he will be wasting both his time and the armys....not to mention the tax payers money.
Appealing does work, it did for me all of 17 years ago and I got in! Still here and still no asthma! I would question however why this thread is entitled MD'd, as you have not been MD'd at all, you aren't even 'in' to be D'd. (Not yet anyway)

Good luck with the appeal! :D
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