Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by taff_dee, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. i am currently in phase 2 training re and have torn my posterior cruciate ligament and require reconstuction surgery. The mo has told me in his opinion i will be discharged as the recovery period is to long for the army to wait. Has any one got any experiance in this injury and is it definatly a discharge case?

  2. As you are in Ph2 trg - there will be a fast track referal system for you to have your operation with the Nuffield / nearest private hospital almost immediately.

    dont push for medical discharge until yourve had surgery (youre young and fit - therefore will be at the bottom of the waiting list for the NHS)

    youve complted Ph1 - so youre a trained soldier, but not a tradesman. it does all depend on your recovery rate.

    maybe your MO is trying to prep you for the worst - should it ever happen (hope it doesnt )

    you'll have to go in front of a med board - they will decide if you are fit to stag on, or discharge material
  3. If I was you I'd get referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who should easily be able to fix it. 2 weeks sick leave, physio and rehab post sick leave for 3-4 months then bob's your uncle and fanny's your aunt, back to normal fitness. could take a little longer though - but shouldn't be any reason to discharge you

    best of luck - may even see you on my ward
  4. hey i know this is not the same but about 4 month ago i broke my big toe. i got told will take about 8 weeks 2 get back 2 normal. But i kept exercising on it and ive fucked it upa bit more and my gp was on about a wire being put in my toe but am not 2 sure how long it will take 2 fully heal. and also when i went 2 c about joining the army they told me anything 2 do with bones and wires etc ma mean they cannot acept me 4 a year or 2. is this correct.
  5. sorry - took me a while to get through the thick text.

    all bone and muscle damage (tears, chips and fractures) need 6 weeks at least to heal!

    If you have suffered a fracture before applying, then yes - youll have to wait for ful recovery and more!

    In the year or two that youo may have to wait, it may be an idea if you learn to communicate correctly. :roll: