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Hi, I have just been medically deferred from AFC just 2 months from passing out due to them not being able to afford to have my ankle reconstructed. I have to take a year out because of the operation.. It's not put me off the army though.
After being cap-badged wrong too, I've now realised that I would like to be a CMT next year at Pirbright. I am just wondering is there any one on ARRSE that has been MD too and rejoined, and was it hard to rejoin after there injury? Im aware that I have to do a 3 month diary of training compatible with the Army like Fartlek training, tabs, hill reps, runs etc and give it to the selection center after applying again next year...

Thanks JemmaB​
As you mention, your ankle requires constructive surgery, which then requires a MINIMUM of 12 months healing process, this is why you are being discharged. Untrained so therefore released to recover. I note you also state wrong cap badged, i take it you mean by your own hand and hurry to be in the Army, as reading through previous posts you wanted Artillery yet took RLC driver. Bottom line is once you have the surgery wait a minimum of 12 months and re-visit your ACIO to re-apply and you will be dealt with accordingly by the processes involved. Folks are accepted after MDs, case by case.
Use the time to develop, ie education or anything that wont put too much stress on your anke during recovery (which will be very limiting) and advance from your current state. A stint as a youth leader or similar could help develop those all important leadership skills. But any course (at a FE college or what have you) that would give you computer skills in these modern days would be useful. Revisit your GCSEs to ensure you have the best possible grades for your choose in career?

Consult with the medics, doc or gym instructor (a proper one not a chair cleaner) for exercise to carry out during healing. Don't push it,a nd be impatient to 'get on' or you could not only destry your chances of getting in to the Army again but also of walking...

I note from another post of yours that you may be a bit bitter at present (IIRC you were advising against Harrogate and saying Pirbright is the way ahead).

Try to avoid thoughts like that. It is easy to be bitter by having your hopes dashed, but if you'd been hurt at Pirbright the same would have happened. Back Squad and MD...

From above it looks like you have been confused as to which way you want to go, Arty, RLC or (now) RAMC. Use this time, again, to look in to your chosen profession, so that when you do walk back through the ACIO doors you have all your sh1t in a sock.

Good luck with your impending Op and recovery.
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