MD and contract running out

Hi, after returning form Iraq last year i collapsed on leave and after nine months of tests etc have been diagnosed with BP problem witch causes me to collapse.
Sat MED board november 2005 and was deemed fit to fly (germany) and 9-5 admin work only-P7.
Conducting officer wrote a letter to head of army cardiology for final say on if i should keep job and in what role as condition wont get any better.

Needless to say still waiting for any kind of answer and have returned to germany to rot, have pestered everybody i know but nothing moving!

The real worry is i'm an S type and contract runs out in august! RCMO has been sat on contract renewl for 2-3 months saying CO is busy/out/leave etc etc.

What happens if contract runs out do i just get booted? have i grounds appeal about contract decision and length its took? currently on very short 4-5 weeks posting in recruting office uk can i insist i stay here to sort life out?

Big worry is they will try to upgrade me month or so before contract up and just kick me out!

any help would kindly be recieved.


was told by RCMO to ring back on friday 7th April after dinner to clarify contract situation!

Rang and guess what? gone on easter leave for two weeks.

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