MCV80 Trainer Varient?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Speedy, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. I've just found this site (in German) about Lionheart in 84, with this very interesting pic - if you are a spotter like me - of what appears to be an MCV80 driver training variant. I have never seen one of these before, or even during my time where I pretty much transported everything AFV-wise the MoD had on it's books. Was this a prototype that never made it into production, or were they restricted to places like Bovvy (I never saw one there either)?

    The Site: FTX Lionheart 1984 (UK)

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  2. The "SP" bit of the registration plate ( middle front of hull) tells you it's a trial/pre-production model, and the pic appears to show that it's bulldozing the stuff in front?
    Some sort of replacement for CET?
  3. I saw something similar for driver training once.
  4. Yeh, I saw the 'SP' plate, and I know that there were a few MCV80's deployed on Lionheart (3 years before my time though). I would be curious to know whether there were more than than the IFV types deployed. It also strikes me as strange that for the first time in a while, an AFV series hasn't been manufactured in many different body types unlike the 43 and CVRT series. Yes, with Warrior, you get the IFV, recovery, arty and CP versions, but mostly (apart from recovery) they are the same body throughout.
    Were there plans for Warrior based ambulances, engineer, comms and other special to arms variants I wonder. And if so, what happened?

    *I may suspect the end of the cold war and tightening of purse strings may have had some play in this if it a the case.
  5. May well be an Engr variant: appears to be AVLB that it has just crossed. I was on this FTX but never saw this machine.
  6. Not in 1984, the first units didn't get them until 1987(?) was it?

    But what better trials could there be?

    A trial variant to test the hull and running gear?

    There is NO special equipment fit on the hull, it isn't an AVLB variant, nor is it pushing dirt it just looks that way as it is in a ditch.

    Could have been attached to a cav unit to keep up (as it were) or jus tsimply free wheeling around the place.

    It was obviously prepped for an 'on ex' role, as it is carrying water cans and what may be a crew shelter....

    It could even have been a full on IFV just with out the turret at that time, again in trials.

    I've never seen a wr driver training varient though.

    Edit to add. Is the commander wearing a white arm band? Who got WR first? Could the various COs and what not havebeen given jollies in this thing?
  7. IIRC there were only a slack handful on that FTX, we were pondering if it had power traverse or manual like us in the Scorpions when one came belting down the track towards us, traversed over the side and engaged a bunch of yanks we'd been watching and answered our question.

    Four, I was close.

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  8. Hmm. If you look directly above the drivers head you can see what appears to be a lifting arm in the stowed position still painted yellow. Perhaps it's an early recovery variant rushed out to provide cover for the ex?
  9. Good call, that's what I initially thought. That will explain the straight bars and the lubes on the side.

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  10. Also to add, at the rear there appears to be some sort of stabiliser poking up, photo is not that clear.

    But reminds me of the anchor used by a Samson at the rear

    Will also explain why it has a small dozing blade at the front

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  11. Aren't they marking that crossing or whatever it's just crossed? The same as the ones in the background?