MCTC Stories (Staff & SUS)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Magician, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. I remember once whilst I was Duty Officer at the Good Ole MC of TC (Coly), we were expecting a C/Sgt that had just been Court Martialed, his Escorts had to be of a Senior Rank to him therefore it was two WO2’s from his battalion.

    To set the Scene, it does not matter who you are or what rank you are, when you come through “The Wire”, all Escorts and Service Personnel march swinging their arms Shoulder High at 140 PTM (Fu*king Motoring)
    Anyway, I get a call from the Gate Lodge from the Gate Sergeant stating that the C/Sgt and his Escort had turned and the Escorts were not “Playing”, C/Sgt’s on the Spot playing the game.

    I decide to saunter up to the Gate Lodge in my capacity as Duty Officer only to find the two Warrant Officers leaning on the wall and having a cigarette (Fu*king Smoking in Barracks and a great advertisement for the Royal Warrant). In my best polite tone. “Gentlemen please could you refrain from smoking and can you both Stand to Attention on the Yellow Spots either side to the C/Sgt (SUS)” He was on the Red Spot.

    Where I was met by a torrent of verbal abuse by the two Warrant Officers informing me I was only a “Fu*king Corps S/Sgt” how dare I tell them to stand to attention, fu*king knob, dick etc etc, after a quick call to the RSM who was a little Welsh Fu*ker that hated his own mother!!! He tips up to the Gate Lodge and informs the Warrant Officers the error of their ways and comes out with the immortal line that I thought I would never hear.
    “Gentlemen please do not get your Rank Confused with Staff Sergeant ******* Authority, now with the SUS step to the time he calls out”.

    I then preceded to Bounce Two Warrant officers and a C/Sgt all the way down to “C” Block, I do not think they had moved that fast since their Basic Training, the C/Sgt probably had he was a big fit fu*ker and played the game.

    Any poor Fu*ker that has had to escort someone at MCTC will tell you are just a number when you come through the wire.
    Guys if you are on this site I hope there are no hard feelings, just a job and no malice intended.

    As I was once told “If ye cannae take a fu*king joke ye should nae hive jinged up”


  2. When I went for my holiday there, my escort signed me over at the gatehouse and fucked off as soon as possible! This was the old Colly site, with the good old Nissan huts.
  3. One of the full screws & myself escorted a guy from 7 Sigs to Colly back in 2001. We had convinced ourselves to expect to get a right beasting along with the SUS; so we did everything by the book. Stood on the spots, not moving, no talking and certainly no smoking. I felt quite let down by how civil the place was; no shouting & no pokey drill.

    We both felt quite let down.
  4. Magic,

    It's changed a lot now - ran solely by the AGC(MPS) but some things are still the same. 5½ times around the square for the PFT, etc. The assault course has recently undergone a bit of an overhaul, new nets etc. But the only people we saw marching there now are the SUSs themselves and any MPS course that's on at the time.

    I was there about 18 months ago, and its all very close-knit among the staff. They still have the changeover parades of the staff at the reception.

    By the way - I was at Arborfield at the weekend, and managed to find a Mess pic from 1993 of which I spotted a fresh-faced L/Sgt top right among the mess members... Naturally I took a shot of it on my phone for you.
  5. I spent two years on the staff at MCTC and I never witnessed any scene like that. A C/Sgt would have been reduced to Private before he came to the MCTC and he would be escorted by RP staff or, if he was coming in from overseas, by whoever had been dicked to escort him.
    The MPSC always showed the height of professionalism and never mucked anyone, SUS or escort unnecessarily. In my day there were only really two wings, A&D although if a SUS was placed in solitary he would go to the old C Wing. Soldiers going through the system either came out the other end as first-class soldiers or well-adjusted human beings ready for civvy street thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Staff.
  6. A bit tough to get into the Motor Cycle Training Centre?
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  8. The C/Sgt was not reduced in rank because his sentence was not “Confirmed” and SUS (Service Personnel Under Sentence) wore their Badge of Rank until their Sentence got Confirmed (I am not sure what the case is now, but this happened in 96/97)

    If you were in A Wing (Soldier/Sail/Fly On) you would wear White Bands on your Epilate for Stage 1 Red for Stage 2 and Blue for Stage 3. D Wing (Discharge) would wear Orange on their Epilate, however whatever Wing you were in you would wear Orange and Continue to wear your Badge of Rank until you were “Confirmed”.

    If you spent two years on the Staff then you must have been an Attached Personnel, either PTI, Marine, Navy or RAF I cannot imagine that you were a Corps Member not for two years.

    Anyway I was always professional, and did not muck personnel for the sake of it, read the post, the WO’s were acting like dorks probably on their run in and taking this C/Sgt to “Coly” as an Escort was in their opinion “Beneath them”.

    Just to let you know I do not Bullsh*t if I post a story it is because it happened, I have no need to big myself up I am rather comfortable in my skin. I do not want to get into a war of words but before you start to “Kick Off” get the facts first.

    Hey it’s all

  9. I'm not sure where that came from, I hadn't said you had bullshitted nor lied. Neither did I say you deliberately mucked people around, I merely pointed out my experience of a highly professional and motivated staff. Things must have changed since my time there because promulgation of sentence always occurred before they were shipped to the MCTC because SUS cannot hold rank. In fact, if I remember correctly we used to return soldiers who had not had their sentence confirmed but clearly things have changed. So perhaps you'd like to apologise for accusing me of 'not getting my facts right' and 'kicking off' since I did neither.
  10. Do not know when you were there, however your post was making out that I did know what was talking about, I don’t talk shit (But my wife would disagree with that statement)

    You stated “A C/Sgt would have been reduced to Private before he came to the MCTC and he would be escorted by RP staff” Wrong...

    You need to get your facts right, with regards to dealing with Service Personnel Under Sentence. What was your posting to MCTC? (PTI, Storeman, CO’s driver? ) You are obviously not a Corps Member as you would understand the military Judicial System.

    I spent my last seven years of my Army Career as a member of the AGC (MPS) which was the old MPSC .
    Again I know what I am talking about.
  11. MIT regaled his own experience on the subject and you've arrogantly shot him down without even reading what he wrote. I read his post twice, and have to say it didn't come across badly in the slightest. If you're going to come on here talking to fellow ARRSE members like shit off your shoe after only two weeks of being here, you're not going to last very long.

    Throbber. :x
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  15. When I was there we had the nephew of a very famous comedian as a guest. It used to cause quite a stir during visiting.

    Did you ever have a celebrity Magic?