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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. Any former Military criminals on here? :wink:

    What I would like to know, is if any of you went away to the Glasshouse at 'Collie' only to return to your Unit and find that your career improved because of it?

    The closest I came to the place was as an RP on a prisoner escort, (And boy, what kind of c*nt do you have to be to join the Provost Staff Corps?) but anyone I ever met that had done any time there, seemed to fly up the ranks if they knuckled down, did their time and returned to duty when it was over.

    In my experience The Army absolutely love a reformed criminal. Probably because it reinforces their belief that the system works.

  2. One of the CSgts in my coy at RMAS had spent more than a year there in the 1970s: he was an ace soldier who went on to be RSM of his battalion and pick up an LE commission.
  3. S'true. You'd have thought a stint at the Motor Cycle Training Centre would be a career ender. But it's like a sort of junior GCC!

    Having said that - if you sent people off to that kind of regime for a six month stretch - bullsh*t day in, day out, and on top of that they knew that they'd finish their 22 as a stripey, I think you'd have a lot more people just thinking "Ah, f*ck it..." and acting like it was a civvy prison. With drugs! And Homolosexuals! And Other Civvy Things!

    As it is, they know that if they work hard, they too can "Reap The Benefits". Whatever that means.

    Plus I'm sure there are a load of guys out there in the Field Army who are doing very well, who at one point or another, should have ended up inside, for something...
  4. The MPSC sometimes used to live with us. OK really and always good for a laugh. What a lot of guys did not realise was that army nick was basically a retraining place rather than lock up, throw away key. Difficult types who may have come from harsh background benefitted the most as it brought home the trueism that one cannot be made to do anything other than be sorry they disobeyed (apologies to the guy who uses that sig).
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I hear the Navy still use it for stuff the Army gives out extras for- not a bad thing obviously!
  6. I thought the idea was to help out those inside

    Military Corrective Training Centre.. not there to punish, but to retrain/educate. Drive past it occasionally, looks like a nice place.
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I think it would be more accurate to say that all of us have swerved past a trip there, it is only those who get caught who go.
  8. I knew a BSM who said the place had made him and reckoned he would have ended up in a civy nick without it. He never told us what he had done and never drank either, hmmmmmmmmm interesting.

    Dealing as I do with probationers and PCSO's all day I often wish the Met police had a corrective training centre, probably at Hendon and with lots of running about. The nearest thing we had "the naughty boys course" seems to have died a death about five years ago (and that was lots of thearapists and self examination, probably a lot harder in manyways) :D

    Still we don't even do drill anymore so some hope.

  9. Hi,
    I was in the Navy and ended up in Colchester for fraud charges. I am female, so getting there was unusual for a navy girl plus my rank was fairly high compared to everyone else there!
    I was releasd 14 days early and on my release the CO told me that if I decided not to leave the navy I would probably be fast tracked and was potential 'officer material' now.
    I left the Navy the day I was discharged from colchester. it took me AGES to get over leaving the forces and the fact that The navy knew I wanted to leave and used a petty crime that everyone undertakes to make an example of me really took me a long time to get over as I was REALLY committed to the forces. Colchester was hard, but I just kept my head down and got on with it. it was physically hard and I Hated getting locked up at night, that really freaked me! I also was not too happy that us girls that were on Discharge from forces were made to play football with the guys kept in the wing for murderers and sex crimes as the officers were afraid the other guys would attack them!! if anyone wants to know anything else, please let me know
  10. CTM fraud was it?
  11. How big are your knockers ? :)
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  12. Does your minge hair hang out your pants like a set of massive spiders legs?
  13. Bloody hell!! From informative thread to sexist comments in 2 entries. Gotta be a record.

    Seriously there is a still a small minority of serving personnel who see the MCTC as the Jailhouse. Having attended a brief by the Commandant MCTC recenlt I left it impressed. He stated that if you gave him a soldier for more then 14 days he would return to your unit a far better, fitter trained soldier. There was no point in judges awarding 6 months and discharge, that did nothing. But 3 moinths and soldier on was a different prospect.

    I await any comments.
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    How often do you wash your fadge.
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  15. IIRC the female wing was shared with the stage three guys, so i doubt they were murderers and sex cases, those feckers were put in the block. As to the MPS being cnuts, there were one or two (shergar) who were, but the majority were top blokes, even the greek fecker off trisha :lol: . As a crab i found the training tough and quite different to what i was used too, but in some perverse kind of way found it enjoyable. Were you sentenced to be discharged or did you PVR?
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