MCTC Colchester Escape

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rather Worried, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Do you know if anybody has ever escaped from Colchester?
  2. No. Do you?
  3. I'm glad I read this gash now instead of when it's 50 posts in.
  4. No, therefore I was wondering if it is either escape proof or whether it was such a frequent occurance that nobody bothers to remark upon it.
  5. Having had a look at your posts, I have come to the conclusion that you are a throbber of the highest order.

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  6. Why? Are you getting sent there, but not looking forward to your stay?
  7. I was told by the staff there that two people had made a break for it, one got as far as the end of the road and one of the staff picked him up in his car and took him back. The other one escaped and has never been caught.
    She didn't tell me when this happened. Colchester isnt hard to escape from, Pirbright has better security. She said if you escape its an offence that carries a punishiment far harsher than what ever you are in colly for.
  8. These days it's like a Haven holiday camp. Why would anyone want to leg it down the road?
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  9. The state of the women around Colchester would make me want to break into the MCTC just to avoid the ugly bints.

    Now, about the OP being a throbber. I'm voting yes.
  10. Coming from you my dear chap that's a complement!:eye:
  11. Coming from anyone, it's a compliment to you... you dribbling piss-flap. Once again you've posted a thread in the NAAFI Bar so you must be sitting there wanking yourself into a frenzy at all the attention you're getting - I'd suggest that you go outside for some attention but that'd mean calling the fire brigade to get you out of your house.

    You fat shit.

    All the best. xx
  12. You might want to google Alfie Hinds from the 50/60s.
  13. Have you ever heard of the psychological concept of displacement? Lard Arse
  14. I wonder if the escapee had a network south east rail map etched on a well worn snot rag to get him to the chunnel?.
  15. Can see this is going to run and run like Corrie - not sure about anyone escaping from Colly, but I am going to escape from this thread
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