McRiot at McImmigration McCentre....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    What the McFuck?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Why not deploy the McMachine Gun and the feckers could have chewed on that. When, oh when for the love of all things holy are we as a nation going to stand up for what is morally right?

    Or are we on McMorals now?

  3. No time soon I fear :(
  4. This shocked me to the bone, absolutely did. Don't these staff know how many fattening calories are in those burgers? Don't they think of their human right's?

    What next? Special meals prepared by Jamie Oliver?
  5. We should have deployed some of the stocks of McVX that we've got rid of.

    Would have been a better use.
  6. I'm McFed-up with this government and with the McHuman McRights McAct in particular.

    Wrong-doers take their chances and are the 'last into the life-boats'.

    Come back McCommon McSense to this McStupid McCountry.

    'Jocks' great soldiers; football players; rugby players; explorers; doctors and surgeons; et cetera, but crap politicians for England and Wales!!!
  7. Joined at 17, did23yrs,civvy since '86, still working full time.Seeing where the tax money is going makes me want to eat some c*nt,s larynx.
  8. The day after never, mate. :evil:
  9. Just another reason to chalk up on the board for 'Reasons to fcuk off to Australia'

    No wonder we have flooding in our own country we pay out to sort out every other fcuker except ourselves.
    Maybe if fookin Broon stopped releasing money for the immigrants to have tv and other sh1te while they wait for some desk clerk to approve their application on the grounds that they felt they were being victimised because someone killed their goat.
    We could instead have spent more money on sorting out the homeless, improving our own society so kids didnt keep shooting each other and as shown recently a huge wedge on flood defences etc.
    Bring on a points system where if you dont score the required amount you dont get in.
    Should have special deportation trains and fcuk the immigrants back into france the bunghole of europe, lets face it the greasy barstewards encourage them to come to us as is less of a problem for them.
  10. While they were setting fire to the inside, the cops should have bricked up the exits.
  11. They got fed McDonalds, cos they knew that the pikey chavs who worked in McDon'ts spit in the food and rub it round the khazi before they throw it into its very own barf bag! Hope they all get dirty gay bum aids!!!
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You mean that's not McSeasoning! :twisted:
  13. I'm sure the McDonalds Corporation are chuffed, bit like 'kids will do anything for the taste of Dairy Lee'. Stereotyping for a moment, you have to wonder where immigrants from certain countries pick up their taste/seeming devotion to McDonalds?

    Put David Blunkett in charge of immigration centre security?