McNab Webbing

:D :D Right.....I'm off to get the loved one a set of kit. Probably will never find her again 8) 8)
My Walt says:

"Andy McNab ! Is that what he calls himself now ? His real name is ******* ***"

...can this guy sink any lower??? is he not making enough from the comics he has written since Bravo 20??

... He has done some extraordinary things during military service..

... but he making the British Special Forces look bad.. I wonder if any of his former colleagues bother to talk to him???!!
Well "Tooyoungtodie", my 22'er says that he bumped into "Andy" a couple of years ago and "Andy" remembered 22'er as they were in at the same time and "Andy" offered to buy him a pint. My 22'er said "I'm very particular about who I drink with and don't want a pint from a publisher..." and walked away. Then goes on to tell me the the guy is a W****r etc.



I particularly liked this bit

arrogant tosser said:
Men know more about women's underwear than women do ... we know what buttons and catches are easy to undo, etc, etc, blah, blah
What a complete tool - worn a lot of women's underwear have you Andy? It's not actually entirely about how easy it is to get off.... oddly enough, especially as the article makes it look as though this isn't intended to be just "underwear for getting take off five minutes later".

Please tell me the models don't really have their eyes blacked out 8O

Is there no depth to which this idiot won't sink?
maybe he'll get a MoD contract
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