MCN Bike show

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by mandown, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Anyone going? If so, come and say hi, ill be working there on the first, apparantly my stand is running a comp to win an Arai lid too, which is nice. Bet i wont be able to enter through :(
  2. When? Where? I haven't read MCN for a couple of months.
  3. Damnit! I'm working.
  4. ah well, im not sure exactly how good it will be, its the first one ive been to myself, let alone worked at, but we shall see.
  5. I shall be there again, which stand are you on?
  6. Im on the Highways Agency stand, giving away what little freebies we have, and trying not to get caught looking at the girls! where will you be?
  7. I'll miss that one, unfortunately i'm in Jerez on a 4 day track day with No Limits!!

  8. Well, i know where id rather be..........

  9. Mandown---------------can you not PM me the answer I could do with a new Arai.... :boogie:

    I wait with baited breath.... :clap:
  10. Zeit,
    I would but its not that easy (or id win myself!) taken from my briefing notes -


    To entice people to our stand we are running a competition to give away an Arai motorcycle helmet. This is a prize draw competition so customers will be encouraged to complete a card which will allow an opportunity for staff to speak to them about our services.


    edited to add - if it were up to me we would have strippers to entice people to us but its not, shame

  11. Ah bugger..........can you say what stand you are on .ill pop over and say hello....then see what I can mump :wink:
  12. For sure, stand 230, the Highways Agency stand, Ill be the handsome bugger with stubble and the Army veterans badge on me tie, im not sure what the free stuff is, probably keyrings and whatnot, but you will be welcome to take whatever i can get you.
  13. I hope to get there sat or the sun if I do ill say hello...
    any other Arrsers going..

  14. Going to be there Sun, and I will be wearing my veterans badge as well so make sure I get the good freebies and any inside dope on the helmet! Cheers