MCM Roadshow

Now, was I the only one who felt that those asking questions at todays roadshow were being replied to in a patronising way? Can you believe it when that guy who asked a question was called a muppet?

I had a question to ask, but as a siggy was too intimidated by the way the othrs were treated.

Did not give me a warm feeling.... :cry:
Have been to one before mate and to nearly every question the reply was pretty much 'tough shit'!!!!!

The sort of 'if you dont like it leave' attitude!!

Deffinitely an eye opener! But what can you do?? leave???
Having the road show is nice though so we can see all the pers at our desks and who is in charge and so on surely???

Oh ok then "no" it isn't worth being forced to sit infront of them for an hour!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
You are so lucky that you didnt 'have' to attend the evening thing, to be told that there are no class 1 radio relay ops in the Corps, that all of them have done a conversion course, when i blatently have not, also the guy that i drive to work with has not either.
For MCM, read 'Monkeys cant manage', and yes i thought the guy was a complete cock as well, unless you are a complete brown nose ****** and offer him sweets for promotion like a guy in our ops room did, no nams mentioned 'Mick'
They (MCM) think they know it all so therefore its okay for them to call anyone who has a question a muppet. Who manages their career?????? And why can we not ring our desk at Glasgow, but a SNR can with regards to his/her career?!?!?!?!
as far as i am concerned i have phoned mcm div on numerous occasions , one call every 3 years to make sure that those so called managers of men are doing there jobs, making sure that ppps are actually sent and not stored in file 13!!..i also am aware that ppps are sent annually with crs before anyone takes the morale high ground and starts saying that im in the wrong, my answer is that you are the master of your own destiny and should take more interest in where you want to be posted to
Great. With every CR a posting reference form must go in. Good idea. But with only 80% of Posting preference proformas reaching glasgow, who is doing their sums or forwarding CR's at the right time (80% being the number quoted to 7 Sigs last week)
That was my first road-show and I am now adament that the next one is where I will sit and switch off. I really wanted to ask a question but now see that it was one way transmit and we were not allowed to ask questions. The colonel or whatever he is was definately bullied as a kid, he did not want anybody questioning him!

Load of ARRSE, all of it.
Go on. Have a huff. That will sort your career out.

"So, Sig Smith. Why have you never been promoted?"

"Well, Sir. I didn't ask a question about my career way back in 2005 because I didn't like the way someone spoke to me."

"Oh, well. Put the kettle on like a good siggy."
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