Discussion in 'RLC' started by dpm_mirkin, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Do many of you contact MCM Div/Desk Officers direct or do you always use the chain.
  2. I always contact them directly as I am of sufficient rank to do so. Now run along and use the chain of command.
  3. DPM what sort of question is that?, As BT says if your of sufficient rank you will know. Obviously a Fag Op with zilch experience. Newly promoted SNCO are we? You just confirmed all my thoughts that Fag Ops dont desereve Higher Rates of pay(TAF). Yeah ok blanket statement but if you dont like it sign off!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  4. If you're not on first name terms with your desk officer you should pop along back to the XL club for an alcopop and just wait for your posting order to come through.
  5. If you are a Capt or above, you must contact them directly. If you don't, nobody else will on your behalf.

    If you are a subaltern, WO or SNCO, I would recommend going through your RCMO or Adjt (for YOs).

    If you are a WO in something like a Stores Sect, it is acceptable to phone up MCM Div to sort out your Guys' postings.

    Always make use of the chance to have an MCM Div interview but remember what the last word in posting order is!
  6. Newly promoted SNCO Fag Op with Zilch years experience..lolololol.... Oh well I suppose Dpm was just curious about who does and does not contact them direct!!!
    Belive me he is far from a Newly Promoted Fag Op that knows Zilch!!
  7. then he should know better
  8. I've never contacted them direct, however I have been p*ss*d off on several occassions when individuals have done and got what they wanted. Some people may defend them as they got what they want when others who play by the rules don't. So all those getting on dpm's case have a word with yourselves. It was only a question that was sounding out others.
  9. Yeah cheers for that Jonny and san, fcuk me I could get answers like that in the NAAFI Bar, which is where you should take yourselves unless you can actually rise to a level above pond life. Goon I should probably know better, but thats what forums are for......aren't they?
  10. dpm...not a dig at you...but at marky
  11. Goon you really are a Camel Toe yourself aint ya... Read Spoons reply.. We have just had a SNCO contact our desk officer direct and squared himself a job he wanted.. Fair One I say, however because the chain of command was ignored in this instance it has be frowned upon shall we say! Just to quote you goon, when referring to DPM´s question " well he should have known better" Now how do you come to the conclusiion you were having a dig at me? if you really want a dig at me I can PM you my Ext Number? You never know you might even know me!
  12. definaetly need an extension shorty :lol:
  13. 8O :roll: :lol:
  14. whatever!
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Sort it out guys. Don't turn it into the NAAFI.

    Thank you.