MCM Div Shaftings

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by badgeming, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. Has anyone else been utterly shafted by those morons up in Glasgow?
  2. pull off one of those deli ticket things and take a seat-there's a bit of queue in front of you.
  3. Thought as much. I wonder if admin would be interested in running a survey to find out just how many
  4. Think that might just include everybody at some point....
  5. 'Course you know what MCM stands for? Well, so did I, until someone pointed out the error of my ways. I always thought they were called the Management Counter Measures.....
    Still reckon I'm right though.
  6. I know a lot of people who have or claim to have been given a raw deal by MCM, but remember, you are only hearing one side of the story (MCM never get a chance to defend themselves in the crew room/bar). I am in fact one (the only one?) of their satisfied customers, so there!

    (Ducks below parapet waiting for incoming)
  7. mps - surely Morale Counter Measures!
  8. No comment.
  9. It's easy for the likes of "MPS" to crack on pretending to be anti establishment - what do the inf guys ever need from Glasgow ? apart from advice regarding how to join the TA when there sad lives with the regulars dries up. Glasgow is run by a load of tarts who need to spin around a few more times in their pods every morning. They should then have a shagging look out of the window at the real world and think of the other 100,000 of us and not just the officer population. :evil:
  10. Yup. You're right. But the other one works as well. Pass me anothrt lrage eno.
  11. got really a nice posting down to m/w!!!! cheers glasgow!! any time you want a favour doing........ f#ck off
  12. I have only ever had one posting I didn't ask for.... and that was Cyprus :D