MCM div road show

Discussion in 'REME' started by dismayed_ve, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. is this a waste of time
  2. 1 post and I can see DEME A hidden in your name so working on that totally tenuous link I would say just hand out a short anonymous questionnaire at the end of the presentation mate ;) One tip though, try not to overrun into lunchbreak. They'll hate you for it, I know I used to!
  3. no, just had to sit through a road show that was the same as last year, nothing has changed, they are just trying to push pref posting so they can hit there pro indicators
  4. Do the Orificers still sit in the brief with the OR's, staring at anyone daring to ask a question?

    I always remember my Charlie Onion makin a "B" line for me when I waited behind to ask a Q
    which the said Rupert had previously "sorted" with M&R. Tosser!
  5. whats the point in asking a question, when you know the the reply is going to be a load of bull,
    however one question was asked and they admitted career fouling everyone, but wat can you do
  6. You really have got a dismal outlook on life, haven't you.

    Stop whining, buck yourself up and stop making everyone else miserable with your negative attitude towards absolutely everything.

    Or better still, just fcuk off.

    Also, apply for an ECDL course and learn some keyboard skills! :D
  7. Also, if you don't want every Officer in the room staring you down when trying to get information from the horses mouth, apply for a private interview the next time you have a MCM Div roadshow.

    Gets you a lot more face time and you can get more satisfactory answers without everyone around you whispering "Stop asking fcuking questions! We should have knocked off half-an-hour ago!"
  8. if you do get a private interview, all you get is someone reading of a sheet of paper becouse you have to submit the questions you want answered to weeks prior so they falsify the answers,
    so snake bit i dont think you know what you are on about
  9. BE BRAVE and ask the questions you want. Who's bothered what the Rodneys think - they will at least mark you as someone bright and confident enough to put forward a sensible point (that is assuming it is sensible and not just a vitriolic attack on the retired officers from Glasgow).

    By the way, you submit your questions in advance to allow the interviewing officer to dig out the right information beforehand. He can't exactly tell you what's going on in your career unless he has the details with him !
  10. it does seem strange when your OC goes to Glasgow, finds out information which he tells you, you ask for an interview based on that information, then MCM Div tell you on a private interview that your OC must be mistaken as the have the right information becouse you mention words like career foul, plus they have had a few weeks to find that informatin, like out of a top hat, strange that
  11. Can you try to speak the Queens english please, it makes it much more pleasing to the eye.

  12. I simply cannot be bothered with this bitter, twisted, negative fcukwit any more.

    Dismayed_ve, you are a cnut. A total and utter cnut.

    Please stop wasting everybody's time with your complete drivel.
  13. Badmanners go eat some more dog s h i t sandwiches, you know what i mean??