All - Have had lots of dealings with several MCM Divs lately and we are well looked after compared to some.

RLC MCM Div - Don't load career courses for their soldiers, units do. Imagine leaving your career courses to unit staff to arrange, you would never get on them cos they would not let you go during busy periods. And lets face it every period is a busy one lately. I know of a chef(yeh we all know that no one has ever passed the initial course) who is overdue is class 1 cse by 18 months, but still RLC MCM Div are happy to leave him in a unit(one very unhappy teddy).

AGC MCM Div - Most unhelpful bunch i have ever come across. Phone them up and when you do eventually get someone to answer the phone they can't help anyway. More than my job's worth govnor!!! But then again thats the AGC for you. i suppose they perfect the don't give a dame attitude looking after your pay.

RAMC MCM Div - Yeh!!!! We'll post somebody in, then cancel cos they don't like the area. Then we'll post somebody else in, then cancel cos they don't like the area either. Then we'll post somebody else in, then cancel bacause they don't like the area. Then we'll post somebody else in, then cancel because your only a REME unit and don't really need medic's.

Compared to these punters REME MCM Div are great. They get it right most of the time, when the individual gets their part right. I have only not got a posting i wanted once because of MCM Div, and thats a good percentage. Its like the saying in the film "If you build it, they will come" If you tell them what you want, and be realistic about it you stand a very good chance of getting one of your choices.

Has anyone else got any happy experiences of other MCM Div's????
Our Former Dictator - can his head be compared to a lightbulb or Mr Potato Head? I would be interested to know peoples opinions on this mature debate........ I personally think he was a chromosome shy of dwarfism (particularly his moustache)
We had a lad in our LAD (16 Sigs) moved quarters on Fri (Regt moved fm JHQ to Elmpt) Applied for and rx'd an extension. On Tue was posted to the wksps in Fally with 2 weeks notice. Arrived in Fally, took over qtr and was sent to BATUS the week after. Young family, daughter had 3 schools in one month. Another fella in LAD of Sp Bn ARRC (Sgt) was picked up off board (VM). waited out for posting - got his OC to call records 3 months later only to find that although his name and No were on signal, it was in fact a different guy. Good work!
maybe i will start a new thread with it and see if i can get 100 replies on all different head comparison things!
For a bunch of guys who let off a lot of steam and moan constantly to mates about MCM Div this one is very quiet.
Tiffy_Massive said:
For a bunch of guys who let off a lot of steam and moan constantly to mates about MCM Div this one is very quiet.
More than happy with our MCM Div. Not been to a real bum unit yet!

Cheers Glasgow
It's like T_M says, if you tell them what you want (and are realistic) you'll be happy more often than not. Not everyone can go to the North of England at the same time !

And Mr Potato Head is referred to by his wife as 'a fcuking tool' apparently.

(OK that last bit's made up)
Can't complain about our MCM Div, had all the posting's I've put in a Posting Pref for. I've always put in PP every 12 months and managed to get at least 1 of my choices. AS T-M says if you keep them notified then they will try their best, if you can't be ars*d to do a PP expect to be sent where they want you to go.
I used to work with R SIGNALS, RLC, REME and AGC(SPS) MCM Divs in my last job at Regimental Duty.

Maybe it's a capbadge thing but it found the Signals bunch very open and easy to deal with.

The RLC Sup Spec desk officer (an RO) would keep you on the phone for hours talking about one soldier and how his career was mapped in the stars and he absolutely HAD to get posted to Abingdon/Hullavington etc. When you called the next week to tie up the details he had no memory of your call whatsoever and had lost the fax you sent him. Happened twice with the same soldier!

REME VM Desk was manned by the grumpiest bugger of all time. I went to Glasgow once for some business and popped into REME MCM Div to talk to him about a Cpl VM. I said that the soldier wanted to be posted to Cyprus and the desk officer, we'll call him "Alan", said 'No, he's probably due a posting to England'. I hadn't even told him the soldier's name!! The VM was posted to Cyprus in the end, but the posting was cancelled and he was sent to Woolwich. While he was on relocation leave a signal came in posting him to Cyprus again! One furious, messed about soldier.

AGC are a closed shop and refused to talk to anyone without a funny green hat and a shiney arsse.
REME MCM Div (VM desk officer - need I say more..) was great at helping me transfer .NO JOKE!!

As a Lance Jack i spoke toMaj (ret) Newcome and had and argument on the phone. He wasnt happy when i said
"Major, retired - so you are a Mr. then"

Anyway had to get out then and to be fair, the desk officers looked after me. I was on the phone to REME ans RS MCM divs and got all the answers I needed straight away.

Its amazing what you can do when you transfer!!
Tiffy Massive, I will take up your offer to pop over to your town for a night out. I will then explain why your opening statement in this thread has failed the 'load of bollocks test!!!!!! We are in a similar position and you need to know the 'rules' concerning APC - in particular REME MCM Div and MS(B).

celticpunk - you need to back that one up fella cos I've been dealing with them for years and I have to disagree - having had dealings with RLC MCM in the recent past I can promise you our mob give more of a shit than any of them!

A hell of a lot of the time its actually YOUR OC that fecks things up - MCM are a sensitive bunch as they dont get much light and live on mouldy bread and bat blood so if your throbber DE boss atttempts to lord it over them it backfires when they wield the 9 bladed sword over the career in question - with the inevitable result that the OC only learns his lesson at the expence of the soldier!

Personally I've never had a drama with our MCM and they have often gone out of their way to help me or the lads out and I'm not just bum-licking cos I know Col **** looks in here - its a fact of life, they are busy folk doing the best job they can in some very difficult times.

Oh, and Col ****, thanks for getting this tiffy throbber his last 6 months near his house! ;)
Just because other Corps MCM wings are incompetent in comparison to the REME MCM wing does not make them any good!! To be fair they are not that bad but a few people up there still have a stinking attitude and would have had DN CRs/OJARs if they were managing people in the field.

Dont get me wrong - they've come out with some right shockers in my time,(mainly at the hands of the infamous Mr N), but they are well out-weighed by the good stunts they've pulled and the feeling that, in general, they DO give a shit - except for a certain current employee who has to be one of the most miserable humans I've ever had the sorry pleasure to meet.
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