MCM Div on Strike

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Berkshire_Browns, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. MCM Div (and the whole MOD) are on strike on Friday over pay and conditions. I would have thought that sitting on your arrse all day moaning about 'soldiers not respecting your rank equivalent' was a fine way to earn a day's pay.

    Greedy b'stards.
  2. Ha the equv rank, "civil servants" exactly as it says on the tin, if they want more money get a proper job, more pay for them means more taxes for you. :pig:
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you can find 5% of the MoD on strike on Friday I'll be astonished. A less Unionised workplace than Main Building would be very hard to find!
  4. Moral Counter Measures. Best acronym I've ever heard.
  5. Er..milsum, (coughs) you do mean morale?
  6. Oh i don't know ;)
  7. True..... Brown Street Glasgow might well be a different kettle of fish......
  8. Yes. Erm. Bloody French and their words...
    Le Moral, La morale. Quelle confusing.
  9. Agreed, there would be half as many prostitutes ;)
  10. ........................and the moral of this story is?
  11. Just a bit of background for you:

    The Civil Service pay structure was (until last year) similar to the Army Pay Range and Level system. Each year you would up one increment and you would get an annual pay rise (just as the army does). This year, the Treasury capped the pay rise at 1.9% and the MOD decided that it couldn't be bothered to have the pay computer 'upgraded' to pay all the CS 1.9% as it was 'set' at 2.5% increments (alledgedly).

    So this year most of the CS (except those earning minimum wage or damn near and, obviously, those earning extortionate wages anyway (less of the CS than you might think)) got nothing other than the annual increment - no inflation element whatsoever.

    How happy would you be for inflation to be about 3.5% and your pay rise to be nothing?
  12. Who gives a fuck?

    I'm a soldier not a civil servant' my pay rise wasn't nothing therefore I'm alright Jack. :D

    Edited to add some childish swearing................

    Civil sevants are cunts.
  13. I agree with you. Most CS are very unhappy about the Treasury's decision on last year's pay (due August but not paid until Feb, IIRC). I suspect that only the die-hards will strike but the pay issue is causing a lot of grief within the organisation, especially with the major re-organisations underway.

  14. Not unless he is talking about His Grace the Duke of Westminster's (alleged)shenanigans with ladies of the night!!
  15. No right to strike
    No annual bonus
    No sympathy