MCM DIV fluffed up Cpl to Sgt

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by gerbertoyd, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. I heard a few rumours that manning and records had fluffed up on the Cpl to Sgt grading board. Whilst on a recent road show nobody asked the question, is there any truth in this statement.
  2. Fluffed up in what way?
  3. certain people in the chain of command had phoned, to enquire where promotable Cpl's came on the board. But MCM Div didn't know anything about them. Also that they may have to promote a few more people to fill slots...
  4. Its up to the CoC as well as the individual to make sure the CR gets there on time.

    As to promoting more to fill slots, if you listened to the brief they always have reserves incase any positions don't get filled for any number of reasons.
  5. Very interesting. I hope so, cos that'll mean more people ringing the bell!
  6. Seconded!

    Nice to know where you got your info from?
  7. I dont think it was fluffed by MCM. I hear the promotability line was higher than the norm scored by the board. I high promotability line leaves a lot of soldiers out in the cold who "may" of been promatable going by former years boards.

    Well thats the way it goes. Promotion is never guarenteed, however reporting officers need to adopt more than a bit of faith in the grading system in that if they want to see a soldier promoted you give him/her the CR that will achieve it rather than a lottery ticket.
  8. Not always true Heidtheba. Sometimes there are not enough people above the promotability line for the number of vacancies available. So if there are 70 vacancies and only 60 are graded above the promotability line only 60 are promoted and there are no reserves.
  9. I have never heard of a board where there were not enough people above the promotability line. The promotability line is decided by the 6 board members who have been scoring each individual on the board. The Quality Line (the wavey one) is drawn around the candidates to fit the number of a vacancies and number of reserves.
  10. I sat on a board at Glasgow and exactly that happened. There were about 20 too few people above the quality line in a partcular CEQ. No reserves were taken and the Corps took the hit for 12 months.
  11. The underlying feeling i get from this post, right from the get go, is that people 'should have but didn't' type theme.

    Well, unlucky.

    Carry on jogging.
  12. Well said carpets, well said. I am sure that we could go back to threads posted after each board and find similar conspiracy theories.

  13. Many apoligies Bow_Man.

    Just thought in this day and age that this would'nt happen with the so called many high calibere JNCO's that the Corps has.
  14. Just had a MCM Div breif: well what can i say.........

    Basicly got told JOB is DEAD and i need to be a IS geek to get anywhere oh yeah......NO YOU AINT GOING ON THE HIGHER PAY BAND.

  15. Well i was expecting to, but didn't again. We can sit here and read about all the conspiracy stuff, but like the double rollover, i didn't win that either. Just keep bashing our heads against the wall until next year. Unless you want to go down the arrse kisser route, and bum your way into the mess. Not for me chips, i'll just keep moving on. See what next year brings