MCM desk officer retiring?

Discussion in 'REME' started by hingme, Aug 28, 2004.

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  1. I received a txt message on Thursday from a mate on his upgrader cse. He claims there is a duty rumour fling round Bordon that the mcm desk officer of the medic persuasion retires in December! Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour? I'm sure this will be one of the greatest retention moves for vm's if it's true. Just may even get the posting you ask for in the future if it's correct. However if it's not many more years of so called investment in people by Glasgow!!!
  2. Good riddance if true.
  3. God let this be true! :lol:
  4. I'm sure his mother/father/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat* loves him.

    *Delete as applicable

  5. Is the stuttering welsh man still there?

    I heard he had retired into the stores.

  6. That was an easy one! I just put a pen stroke through the lot!! :)
  7. got a letter from glasgee today with his signature on it. when is he off - sooner the better
  8. Was bored sh$tless for 2 hours with one of their boring MCM Div roadshows! Claimed to be telling us new stuff, but as usual was all stuff we knew!
  9. No truth in the rumour. He is still there, take my word for it.
  10. But how long for? The bástard's just posted me to 4bn for 3 bástard bástard years. The bástard.

    Hope he doesnt read this.
  11. That waste of rations is well overdue a 'visit'

    I have a size 11 CBH that would fit nicely up his NATO socket as a leaving present
  12. It is with deep regreat I have to report :( Just have a REME MCM Div presentation and NO... Maj Duke Nukem is NOT repeat NOT leaving....
  13. Crafty990 do I understand you are less than satisfied with your posting to the glorious 4th Bn REME?
  14. Can confirm oddball's post - he is not leaving, and is alive and well and in charge of your careers!
  15. :x the guy is a blithering idiot as far as im concerned, one of the reasons i got out as he would not budge on a posting i recieved. the guy is a menace to REME (well, VM's anyway) and the sooner he leaves the better!

    there, that feels better!! :D