Should the dictionary definition stay as it is?

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  • No, it is an anti-US inspired definition

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  • No, McDonald's breakfasts rule

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  • Prince Philip should be force fed Chicken Nuggets till he goes pop

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Should the Oxford English Dictionary keep the definition as it is?

The UK arm of McDonald's is planning a campaign to have the dictionary definition of a McJob changed.
The Oxford English Dictionary says it is: "An unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector."

But Lorraine Homer from McDonald's said the firm felt the definition was "out of date and inaccurate".


Which sill burger thought this one up. Must have been someone in their salad days!!
McDonald's says its jobs are challenging and rewarding
Well they would say that because

over half of our executive team started in our restaurants.
So that's half the management who were useless and otherwise unemployable burger flippers when they left school. Figures!
I used to teach the First Aid at Work course to McDonalds staff, not very easy when most of the students could only say the McDonalds menu in fluent English, it was emotional I can tell you!
McDonalds also say their 'food' is highly nutritious and not at all laden with fat, salt, sugar and artificial additives. 'Challenging' only if the employee is 'challenged' to begin with.
McJobs could be deemed offensive to employees of a certain Burger Chain..

May I suggest using the term Spac Jobs instead to prevent offense to the overly sensitive?


What else are all the graduates in Media Studies going to do when they leave University ??
Create Adverts for "Injury/ Slave Lawyers for you?"


McDonalds is a valid and important employer, as it offers hordes of chavs, fcukwits and media studies students with a living. Further more, as it also feeds these social groups on a regular basis it can be exploited as a means of culling and eugenics within the bounds of the law.


Of course the menu is still in English but employee notices are now multilingual.


The Chavs have a reason to stay on the dole now. There are other ethnic groups who actually WANT the jobs in the first place. Their taxes will pay for Mr & Mrs Chav to live high on the hog with state benefits whilst not having to do a decent hand's turn.


frenchperson said:
McDonalds will be gone within 20 years. Good riddance.
Just as well you retire in 19 years time then Frenchmong,Hope the Golden flipper looks good on your mantelpiece :thumright:
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