McJob vs Pay as u Drive

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BigRed, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Its a funny old world isn't it?

    2.5 million people in the country sign a petition against Pay as you Drive does the government care? No!

    MacDonald, that fine food emporium, gets upset about the word McJob and ministers are up in arms to get the dictionary definition changed? Its in the Sun so must be true! No link yet.

    Laugh I nearly emigrated.
  2. Thats because getting a word in the dictionary won't cost them anything. If they could find a way to make the tax payer cough up to change the dictionary you can bet it will be passed in seconds.
  3. As someone else wrote in a paper recently, I will happily stop describing low paid, poor prospect employment positions as 'McJobs' when McDonalds stop describing their output as 'food'.
  4. If ordinary people were able to collectively find the money that McDonald's are able to find to 'incentivise' the indignation of ministers we would have 'pay as you go' democracy!
  5. ... that'd be a McMocracy then?
  6. Do you want lies with that ?

  7. ... please - did you know the Mcbuggers were made with Ministered beefs?
  8. :clap:
  9. the minister responsible for putting the early day motion forward for the removal of the offending description ( :lol: ) is non other than clive betts mp, one of the mps who caused outrage last year by taking the freebie to the world cup (provided by mcdonalds no less)
  10. yea, we have a sign up inour crew room asking employees to sign the petitions ... we need an anti petition petition.