MCIOB Professional Review query/advice wanted.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Issi, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering if anybody out there has any experience on getting through the MCIOB Professional Review?

    I am ICIOB and am hoping to apply for the PR in the near future, probably early next year as I’ve got to get my 3yrs CPD in order.

    I'm employed by a very small company carrying out Building Surveys for Insurance companies, we're only a small outfit and nobody in the company has any experience of the CIOB/RICS/ICE etc and so I'm finding it difficult to get any help or mentoring.

    I'm currently going through the candidates guidelines and the rest of the forms and it's making my head spin.

    There are PR workshops that the CIOB hold occasionally but they are few and far between and often at the other end of the country, the next ones are in Durham, Chatham and Belfast and I'm in Swansea, so it's a bit of a hike for an afternoon seminar.

    I've also found some companies that offer training and guidance, I'm quite happy to stump up the fees for this, if it's worthwhile, but I'm a bit loath to spend £750 if this training isn't up to much.

    I'm not looking forward a backdoor in, or an easy ride, but just wondered if anybody has any advice on this?

  2. Hi

    Did my professional review last year - it was straight forward and all on the interview panel were really supportive.


    When you submit you application for review the information will be studied and you will not be invited for interview if you are not ready. But you will be told where any shortcomings are apparent. Most regions will hold evening seminars (free) about progressing membership, I am in the E Mids and the guy running the seminar was an ex-RE Colonel who was brilliant and very supportive, I repeat dont waste money on anything outside the CIOB - they are just trying to rip you off.

    PM me if you want more specific info
  3. Thanks OaS,
    PM sent.
  4. Yahoo - Just sat my Professional Review and I'm now Chartered!! Chuffed to bits.
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  5. Congratulations Issi. I hope that there others out there who can follow your example.
  6. I will be sitting mine once I've (hopefully) graduated in December. How often are the professional reviews held?
  7. Not too sure how often they sit the PR, they hold them in CIOB HQ in Ascot, but also do regional ones. I did mine in Taunton. I found it useful to send an email to the CIOB, there's an email address in the 'Routes To Membership' section of the website.
    Drop me a PM if I can be of any help.
  8. Cheers Issi, will bear that in mind.
  9. I am in the East Midlands and historically the reviews are held every 2 months but if you urgently need an interview your branch can arrange one in a different area - I was interviewed by the West Midlands in Birmingham. Very friendly and welcoming.
  10. Hey all,

    im going to be doing mine in Jan (will have obtained 3 yrs exp then) is the interview as hard as im making it out to be,

    Im currently a site manager, any site managers recently chartered?

    are you just asked questions purely on your review questions ?

    and your review questions how descriptive do they have to be,

    Finally the presentation at the start of the interview any tips?

    i have read all the instructions guidance notes etc on the website but i prefer first hand expirience

    any help would be much appreciated

    Thanks All
  11. The first thing to appreciate is that if you have been accepted for interview you have a 90%+ probability of being accepted - they do not interview if the the sunmitted material does not indicate you are what they are looking for.

    It is not uncommon for site agents to be chartered and it is a good move to get you up the ladder it will impress your bosses that you have taken steps to improve your professional standing, if it doesn't impress it will help you come change of job.

    The questions at the interview were not too probing, professional ethics is an important feature e.g. work within your own sphere of competence, show you are aware that the industry has been subject to fraud and corruption such as price rigging and blacklisting of workers - nothing detailed. Green issues, CDM, H&S, and new trends may come up - but don't worry they are not university entry exam questions

    The interview is not at all difficult, the panel is there to get you chartered not put obstacles in your way, the presentation is intended to help relax you and get you used to addressing the panel. The content of the presntation is not vital, pick something you are interested in and hve a decent knowledge of, I chose safety on small sites and the inability of the HSE to practively 'police' it.
  12. RCT


    Issue, I am in the process of applying via EPR/PR and wondered if you have copies of your initial part A application?
    I am struggling with the required format so any help would be appreciated. Congratulations on your membership.
  13. Hello,
    I hold a PMP credential and wish to know if it helps me in directly applying for the MCIOB? I contacted the CIOB and they said I am eligible to apply for ICIOB!!

    I live in the Middle East and don't really know if I should travel to set my interview?
  14. Eagle-eye, the CIOB have representatives over here (mostly UAE) who will interview you, please drop me a PM and I'll give you the relevant contact.

  15. I am currently ICIOB and I am filling in my professional review form. I have done parts 1-3 but I am struggling with what to submit for section 4 (Commitment to professionalism) section 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3

    Can you please help?