McGuinness to help Iraq in bid for peace

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. This is tremendously welcome news, which one can only hope results in success, peace and chocolate biscuits all round.

    I would only urge one cautionary note, however; Mr McGuinness really must engage the various factions in person, and on their ground, for his mission to be fruitful. Finland is no place for these sorts of deal. Sadly, the history of Provisional Sinn Fein involvement in overseas peacemaking has not been particularly auspicious (vide Colombia) however, if Mr McGuinness considers that by placing himself in the hands of AQI he will be making a positive contribution, I for one can only agree with him and hope that the end will be, at long length, in sight.
  2. He must know quite a few of them from his early days.
  3. Ooooo - what a fantastic idea. Perhaps he could take his mate Adams with him...

    I'm quite sure we'd try and get them back if anything happened....

  4. When asked about Al-Qaeda, McGuinness replied,`They haven`t gone away you know!`
  5. McGuiness: Look at dat Gerry, dis man's abowt ta present yew with a big, shoiny noif!

    Adams (in mid-decapitation): Ey blaem this aun tha Briddish Govver.......blubble

    McGuinness: Feck! Erm.... Alllaaahlllalalah!
  6. Has he changed his ways?
  7. McGuiness is still a murdering barsteward who needs a bullet to the back of the head
  8. McGuiness on a peace mission?

    What next Ian Huntley on a "save the children" campaign?
  9. Baghdad is a dangerous place, so I have been told, and it would be a REAL shame if some contractor out there doing security, accidentaly blatted the cnut into the next dimension.

  10. Any Volunteers?
  11. This will never work. If Wee Marty was to once more play a valuable part in the peace process where would he get the Semtex?

    They should parachute in Big Ian for a shout off with His Chubbiness.