McGuinness pondering meeting with Queen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Martin McGuinness 'still pondering' meeting with Queen

    Has anyone asked Her Maj if she is happy to meet with this twunt?
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  2. We live in strange times. What can one do?
  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    She could smile sweetly, shake his hand and pin a medal on him. That would be good.
  4. For services 'against terrorism'? Then detail his 'alledged' helping of the Security Forces in NI in the London Gazette?

    Or he walks in to the Throne Room, on to plastic sheeting. 'One is having some painting done' says, Her Majesty. Masking the movements of Phil with a Welrod...
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  5. Last year I had to accompany him to Downing Street. When he was passing through the security shed (where the metal detector is) I saw one of the CO19 blokes tap his HK and nod at his mate. After McGuinness had passed through the far door the same bloke said 'It's funny old world ... a few years ago we'd have done him if we'd seen him around here'

    For the record McGuinness and Brown kept me waiting in the bloody rain for about 4 hours arguing the toss with the Duppers.
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  6. Wouldn't this be at HM Queen's invitation, he just can't roll up and demand to be seen? Thank God
  7. Bet she has not forgotten Lord Louis Mountbatten, Maybe she'd take him for a boating trip on the serpentine.
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  8. Depends if Phill the Greek decides to air his views.
  9. Which is exactly why any UK Government should treat a request from McGuinness very carefully and tell him to **** off. On a personal note HM and duty as monarch aside why should she be forced to meet with one of the former commanders of the mob which topped her uncle.....

    If he has business to partake he can put it to a junior in the FO.
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  10. Don't go stirring up those rumours about what Phil does with his Welrod when Liz has got the painters in.
  11. You make a point, however, on a technicality, it wasn't Mackers Mob (PIRA) it was INLA.
  12. Agreed but if it walks like a duck etc.
  13. Distasteful as this event will be to many on here if it comes to pass, Her Majesty will do what she has done on countless occassions when being obliged (by her Government) to touch the hand of some unsavoury individual. She will be dignified, utterly impartial and will not give anything away to the watching cameras. Just like she did when visiting the Republic last year. The ultimate professional, as ever. What she and Phil discuss privately is another matter.
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  14. Wasn't Mountbatten Philips Uncle?
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Clever clever. McGuinness and Adams are good at the propaganda game.

    "He is still pondering the issue"

    This implies that an offer of a meet is on the table, that the Palace or Westminister have put out feelers about a meeting and McGuinness hasn't made up his mind whether he can bring himself to accede to the Government / Her Majesty's 'request' for a meeting.

    Were it anyone else I would accuse him of being a lying, duplicitous fuckmuppet, but one cannot go around referring to the Deputy First Minister in those terms, so I shall confine myself to observing their is the faintest whiff of rotten fish about this statement.