McGuinness - NOT on the IRAs Army Council

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LostBoss, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Well I am convinced. Obviously he is much maligned and has no connection what so ever with PIRA. Nor has he had anything to do with robbing the Northern Bank of rakes of cash either - nothing at all.

    This is all a securocrats trick to "blacken" the name of the IRA/SF.

    Now this is the best bit

    and of course the republican handbook of dealing with Maggie Thatcher was to blow her up......

    They are bent and even the dogs in the street know it.

    I wager the denial of IRA involvement will soften to "well we don't know" by the end of the week, and "nothing to do with us" by the week after.

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  2. Not even the Irish Government believe him now so why are we still spending millions soon to be £100,000,000 million on a farce of an inquiry?

    IMHO Bliar hates the Armed Forces even more than G.Brown and is willing to see us reduced to such a level where it makes sense however unappealing to become part of a EU army.
  3. agree with you totally.

    chucki ar la - my deranged mudering alive childs doll of movie fame will come.
  4. GBP150million, I think.
    Republican crime is not crime. PIRA/PSF have redifined it as an essential adjunct to the ongoing struggle for freedom. This means that every broken bone and every intimidated witness is a step on the ladder to Greatness for the Good Leader Gerry (and his pretty friend Martin) in their Great Quest to bring Freedom to Ireland, whether it likes it or not. Those who don't want this version of Freedom must line up over there on the left, by the wall.
  5. Well i suppose with McGuiness as education minister we can expect class room discipline to improve.

    If anyone acts up they get a shoeing, have their elbows shot out before someone kicks their front door down and drags their mum off and slots her "for talking tp the headmaster".

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  6. an irish mate of mine has just got back from the republic , and SF/PIRA's name is absolute dogsh*t , they'll be lucky to bounce back from this one.

    apparently , killing and bombing is ok , but "feathering your nest" is a big no no.
  7. Anyone see this Sunday Torygraph article about the IRA murder of a republican called McCartney? It looks like their "own" people are getting tired of them:

  8. i heard about the Robert McCartney thing last week. Adams was quoted as saying it wasn't done in the "Name of Republicanism".
    Seeing as the leftie press seem to think everything the army do wrong(a la Mirror photos and Fusiler courtmarshal) we should be held accountable for. i hope they take this attitude with the P/IRA. I'm sure they will :wink: