McGuinness 'lied' inquiry hears

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 13, 2004.

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    McGuiness lied? it took £130,000,000 to find that out?

    Personally, i could have done it for £20.00 and a Black and Decker with all the bits , a method which Mr. McGuiness allegedly , is no stranger to.

    I wonder how long McGuiness would have survived as a Chechen rebel leader?
  2. Ah this where you are wrong - he never lied - he was diplomatic with the truth... :twisted:
  3. is there actually anybody suprised he lied
  4. I'm shocked! The man's a pillar of the community - an MP. Clearly there must be an inquiry.
  5. Beyond Ingram, there are other respected sources of collateral that undermine the credibility of the source "Infliction" These include such honest brokers as David Shayler and the Guardian newspaper:,2763,952302,00.html

    Mc Guinness has achieved political office through the Democratic process. Certain reactionary elements within the CIRA resent this and have mounted a smear campaign, leaning on certain weak and predictable elements amongst West Bank Republicans.
    Shame on them!!
  6. The man is scum, but newly presentable scum.

    Cold blooded, cruel, terrifying, excrutiating, unforgiving, .......I could use the dictionary...he looks so normal now

    "I fired the first shot" on Bloody Sunday he told his peers

    Some years later I remember the mother of a young Ulster farmer he (allegedly) had killed slowly and brutally. Her words remain with me with the fire in her eyes

    "I'd put him on my meat hooks in the cellar, a toe today, and eye tomorrow, I'd just take a wee snip of him every day"

    Very scary, we are much better now than I ever imagined we would be, I'd still like to drag his ginger locks through the mincer but maybe that's the "peace process" ....

    Watch & Shoot
  7. no Sh*t Sherlock

    well £155,000,000 well spent then?
  8. Did you hear McGuinness, on exiting the enquiry, speak of his "code of honour" to the IRA? "I will not grass, I would rather die....."

    Honour :?: 8O

    "I would rather die...."

    Yes please, slowly and painfully.
  9. wait a minute, stop the presses....................................

    McGuinness lied, wow
    Id never have suspected that.

    The mans a terrorist of course he lies :roll:
  10. Well perhaps 'Sir' John (Secret Member of the Army Council) Stevens can now diligently set about an investigation into the alleged collusion between Sinn Fein and the IRA/PIRA
    and forward a report to the CPA with regard to the role of Mr M. McG and Mr G.A. into the murders of countless civilians,serving police officers and military personnel. :evil:
  11. While I am more than a little uncomfortable with some of the so called reformed characters from the IRA now in Government, I strongly feel that the current situation is a massive improvement on what went before. In those circumstances I feel a few £100 million is well spent if it keeps the peace process going.