McGuinness Lays a Wreath to Remember British Soldiers at Somme

World War One: Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness lays wreath at Somme battle site - BBC News

Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness has laid a wreath at the site of the Battle of the Somme on Thursday.

Northern Ireland's deputy first minister is in France as part of a two-day trip to World War One battlefields.

On Wednesday, he was in Flanders at the site of the Battle of Messines, where he laid a wreath.

Mr McGuinness said he "could never have envisaged that I would've been [at the Somme] as deputy first minister and a proud Irish republican".

His visit to the Somme was an attempt to recognise soldiers from Ireland who died in the battle and its importance to unionists, he said.
Not quite sure what to make of this.... I want to be outraged but it just isn't coming.......
Hmmm, I gather there were more than a few Irishmen fighting on the Somme in British Uniform.

I also want to be outraged but it's just not forthcoming.
Just be happy that he is remembering the fallen......

........even members of defeated armies can remember!
Well better now I suppose than July 1st Next......When it will be live on our TV's I presume..

It would certainly had boiled many peoples piss hereabouts if he was stood somewhere in the line with a wreath behind the Prince of Wales and the PM..........
Remember he is politician, he will say anything, do anything to keep his seat and the money etc that comes with it.
McGuiness is a hypocrite to say the least.

However, if there is ever to be meaningful peace in Ireland then it has to start somewhere.
That somewhere is tolerating the morons on both sides so long as they embrace the ballot box and not the gun.

As much as I would like to see many of them hanging from lamp posts, if the coming generations are to live in harmony then the current generation need to put up with each other, even if they a bunch of *******
As a boy, he played in Messines Park not a quantum leap from his parents' house. Bet he wondered how the play park got it's name.


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As a boy, he played in Messines Park not a quantum leap from his parents' house. Bet he wondered how the play park got it's name.
Bet he didn't.
I remember him parading in full dress IRA uniform with others attired similarly.
Politicians don't wear uniforms.
Whether he pulled a trigger or not he is a terrorist sympathiser and a scum sucking hypocrite.

The urge to vomit etc mentioned above is totally appropriate.
Tony Blair used to lay wreaths...

Arguably sent more to their death.
They were both elected to office in a democratic society....................
I don't care what he does, or says. He is still a terrorist and the only reason he is where he is today is because of him and his mates campaign of mass murder. I hope he dies a slow extremely painful death. I would piss on his grave if I had the opportunity.

The peace process has been good for keeping the violence down, but it should not have allowed people like him to make money of the tax payer when he should have been in prisoned for the rest of his life, but only because we are not allowed to have him hanged.
If having him in a position of power within the NI govt means that not one more serviceman or policeman loses his life then thats tickety boo with me. He was voted in - whether that process was fair & open (bobby sands MP campaign voting irregularities etc) is for others to harp on about......but its worth it.
I agree, it is the price we pay. That does not mean I have to wish him well or consider him anything else but a murdering terrorist bastard. He can lay as many wreaths he likes to, but they mean nothing to me. I find it disgusting he is still allowed to be paid for by the tax payer outside of prison.

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