McGuinness condemns murder of Andrew Burns in Donegal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. McGuinness condemns murder of Andrew Burns in Donegal
    Thursday February 14 2008

    The people who murdered Andrew Burns are criminals hell bent on damaging society, Martin McGuinness said today.

    The Stormont Deputy First Minister, speaking at the end of the British-Irish Council summit in Dublin, strongly rebuked those responsible for the brutal killing.

    Mr Burns, 27 from Strabane, Co Tyrone, was shot twice in a church car park in Doneyloop on Tuesday night and his body was later dumped on a roadside close to the Border.

    Gardai are investigating a possible link to dissident Republicans as well as other lines of inquiry.

    Mr McGuinness said today: ``We face a real threat from the activities of some people within our society.

    ``It was a dastardly deed. Absolutely despicable. It was carried out by people who have no regard for the community, for the government or law and order.

    ``That presents a real challenge to all of us.

    ``We have to give our wholehearted support to the Gardai and the PSNI. These people are criminals and are trying to damage our society in a way that is totally unacceptable to us as political leaders.''
  2. Didn't know whether to laugh or puke...
  3. The hypocricy leaves me stupified!
  4. How he must go home and laugh!
  5. politicians are the same hypocrites where ever you look, Tony Blair was once a member of CND!

  6. But Bliar only became a terrorist after he became a politician.
  7. a terrorist and a war criminal!
  8. Many Americans say the same of Bush - but there is not the political will to impeach him, unfortunately.
  9. The fact that a man worth twenty Jeffrey Dahmers in vileness could utter such surreal platitudes is really only surmounted by the fact that the population in Northern Ireland is willing to allow him to, and to give him the power he's always yearned for. Laugh, puke or cry. Or leave, I suppose.
  10. Yes McGuinness, dispicable, just like the killings you were behind, and the lies / lack of truth you told the Bloody Sunday Enquiry.
    2-faced little sh*t. Most decent law-abiding citizens on both sides of the border are happy that it is one less terrorist.
  11. In fairness to Martin (can't believe I am writing this!) I don't think he ate or had sex with his victims, mate! I hear he is very straightlaced... :lol:

    Edited to add: After they were dead!
  12. I would like to thank Mr McGuinness for his words, proving beyond doubt that throughout his long and distinguished political career, he has shown tollerance and restraint.
    He did not fire any weapons on Bloody Sunday and was not a senior member of the Derry PIRA and he was certainly not responsible, directly or otherwise for a series of murders and explosions in the Londonderry area throughout the 70's and 80's.
    I would also like to nurse....not now........yes I have taken them.....sorry got to go now.
  13. where mcguinness is undoubtly a murderer of some experience

    and an all round disgusting person

    we should at least take some comfort in the fact hat this murdering swine

    is encouraging people to go to the PSNI

    on this side of the pond

    small steps are massive steps
  14. The PSF calls for people to report crime to the Police are as routine as their denunciations of the Police, and their insistence that no 'republican' is guilty of any crime, ever.
  15. Right, is all a tactic and a game.