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McGuiness on the Jeremy Vine Show.

When's it up for listening online? I love to hear the Blx MMG comes out with when he's put in a spot and made to squirm. The best of it though is that he thinks he's such a good debater when in fact his answer to debate is to wander so far from the theme of the debat he nearly falls off the edge. If a pensioner lost the plot by half as much you'd be sure they were going senile!
You can hear it all on the 'Listen Again' feature. Vine didn't give him much of a test, just fed him the predictable questions to which the PSF propaganda department have long ago worked out the most effective - and when necessary evasive - answers. Another speaker (don't know who, but sounded like ex-military with experience in NI) was a little more forthright but of course McGuinness wasn't required to answer to him.

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